Proposal: Levi Drago, Blacktower Excavation

  • Precept Arcanum

    Honored Council,

    I am Levi Drago and I largely represent the Black Clovers in their interests within and without Arabel. I have introduced myself to many of your members, but for the sake of posterity I will make an effort here in our first official communication to reiterate our purpose for coming to this City and the services which we provide for its populace. I am by trade an Archaeologist, I delve into ruins ancient and otherwise in order to secure artifacts and pieces of lore to be secured or displayed publicly for the cultural enrichment of the populace. My companions in this trade have proven themselves to be exceptionally talented in the various trials and tribulations that often accompany such expeditions, and so I believe we can be of immense service to your City and the people that inhabit it.

    This first proposal comes simply as an observation undertaken while exploring your fine city. We had, upon making preparations for the journey here had been made aware that there was an Archmage’s Tower within the city. We now have noticed that it seems to have fallen over, no doubt by the nefarious doing of your former besiegers. We do not know how many of you are familiar with a Mages Tower, but I personally can say from some small experience that they are typically filled with magical artifacts and experiments varying from harmful to extremely dangerous if left unattended. I believe it is long past time then that you had this ruin properly excavated and the contents disarmed and recovered before they become dangerous to the populace living within the city.

    The Black Clover Society offers our services in delving within the Ruin in exchange for exclusive rights to those pieces found which are deemed suitably safe for use or display. The details of the agreement shall be found below.

    • The Black Clover Society shall be granted access to the ruins surrounding the collapsed Archmages Tower.

    • The Council of Peers will nominate a third party to take part in the assessment of collected artifacts and experiments.

    • The Council of Peers will nominate a third party to undertake the store of the Tower’s various artifacts or experiments deemed unsuitable for public use or display.

    • During their expedition, the Black Clover Society shall use its best judgements to disarm or contain potentially dangerous artifacts for transport.

    • During their expedition, the Black Clover Society shall be granted full salvage rights of all material found within classified as safe for public use or display.

    We will look forward to hearing back from you on this matter, and if there are any concerns I [Levi Drago] am happy to address them either in letter or in person.

    The Black Clovers
    alt text

    I've taken the initiative to file this request for the sake of visibility.

    -Councilor Naresh Sabzvari, Precept Arcanum.

  • Precept Arcanum

    I for one advocate for this, the tower has been left to fester with whatever magical slurry was left behind after it's collapse.
    If anything, it should be a matter of public safety including my vested interest as a member of the Black Clovers.

    -Naresh Sabzvari, Blood Dragon of the Precept Arcanum

  • It has my stamp of approval. Lets see what can come of it.


  • Admin [DM]

    // Feel free to grab me for this

  • I'm dubious on this.

    Whilst a good idea in theory, the fact remains many of the clover are also of the precept.

    I would suggest that any group entering the ruins have to include a member of the Greywatch to ensure the safety of the general populace


  • If of the Precept, then surely that only be a good thing, no?


  • I say yay to this. The former Black Tower site is highly likely to contain dangrous items, some of which may not be in a safe condition.

    However I also want to see full reports and mixed orgnisation groups. That way no one party should be able hide anything of note from the rest of us with any ease.

    On that note I propose thee following format:

    Date - Leader

    Name - group

    Items Aquired
    Majors first

    Summery of events

  • Precept Arcanum

    Councilor Byrce,

    The Black clovers are an independent group, while majority of members are of the Precept, it has no affiliation. The leader being Levi Drago, a Wizard, and if you are concerned of our professionalism. You need only ask those who witnessed our defense of Bospir from the undead horde of risen purple dragons and the removal of a bebilith from below the cities sewers which may be verified by Dawnbringer Jadzia. However I would recommend speaking directly with Magus Drago, I'll not put words in the man's mouth regarding the organization of the expedition.

    - BloodDragon Naresh Sabzvari.

  • I'm not arguing on the benefits of the excavation.

    Simply saying the group should consist of the various powers of the city.

    The Greywatch for example would be interested in searching for the whereabouts of the Archmage if he still lives.


  • Black Clover Society


    After freeing myself from a previous contract, I now find myself seeking to move the timetable for this project up considerably.

    After perusing the file, I would like to visit a few of the concerns and details both addressed and unaddressed.

    The first of which being the inclusion of elements of the council in order to act in a supervisory role. This is not something I can promise. I intend to take no more than eight into the ruins, as any more than that becomes impossible to manage. Assuming my crew is wholly involved, that leaves only three additional spots available for adventuring contracts. Those selected will needs be done so by their available professional abilities and perhaps most importantly by their ability to act precisely as I order them to. Because of these points raised, I cannot make guarantees that any of those in the council will be invited. It is not a no, but for the safety of myself, my crew, and those adventurers joining us I will not make guarantees of passage unless one can meet all these requirements.

    Secondly, the council (Or the royal mage, if he be so inclined to offer his opinion) as detailed by the contract will needs nominate a third party to take those artifacts and store them away from those who would misuse them. As I wish to undertake this excavation soon, I hope a decision can be made quickly.

    If these issues can be settled quickly, I hope we can make efforts to make this city a safer place to live. Again, I am happy to answer any questions and concerns either here or in person.

    -Levi Drago

  • I will not join the party but I wish Lathander's blessings upon you Magus. May his light guide your path to the answers and artifacts you seek.

  • I'm happy to join you on this if planning lines up.

    Soppi of the Redwood.

    // we got a rough time and date yet?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Clerk Robinson,

    Are there schematics from when the towervwas first raised which we can reference?


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Well, after several hours of digging through old blueprints and designs and harassing the most notorious and hateful guild of stonebuilders, I have returned!

    The "Blacktower" was originally designed to be the residence of Archmage Raubagaush, custom tailored in what is assumed to be a four level layout. The Stonebuilder Guild was extremely reluctant to part with it, and I was forced to use some of the funds I embezz appropriated from the government slushfund to get it. I expect Councilor Levi to repay me after this 'investigation.'

    The first floor was to be a storage area and greeting hall, as the Archmage didn't want much in the way of guests, the first floor was to be filled with the crap and useless trinkets he couldn't bare to part with and you would be made to wade through it to reach the second floor.

    The second floor was to be a non-research library, filled with what the stonebuilders described as "Non-dangerous books" and after a bit more digging, it seems the Archmage, during this period, was incredibly fond of Romance novels, and the entire floor was filled with cheesy romance stories of a peasant and a princess, or vice versa. A small shrine to Deneir, the Lord of Literacy, was present.

    The third floor was to be the menagerie for various creatures, sentient or not, that he used for his studies.

    The fourth floor were to be his personal quarters- and we note here that the quality of the stone and magical ores were of the highest make up, clearly meant to actually occupy the place of a sage's research- but the dimensions are far to small...

    We can assume that the tower was merely his living quarters, and any actual dangerous research was conducted elsewhere as a result.

    How he modified the tower after his imprisonment by the War wizard's, and after his release, is largely unknown.

    Clerk Robinson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Of course, it's uncertain if these plans were actually implemented? There is a noted lack of wage stipends paid in the records...

    Clerk Johnson

  • So as I look at it...

    The first floor will likely have some low level threats and items of intrests.

    The second seems fairly unlikely to hold much danger, through religious relics are likely of interest to some.

    The thirds residents might have got free and now up mischief.

    And the fourth floor could get...odd. And is likely where we find any serous threats.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Storyteller [DM]

    With the collapse of the tower, no matter of mischievous creatures or strange artifacts have been found. Unless they have been trapped below the rubble surviving for a year.

    -Clerk Johnson

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