v7125 Crafting Broken Knucke Beer wasnt requiring Almond Oil as stated on the forums, added it to the recipe script Added 2 new alcohol recipes: Salted Caramel Pecan Wine and Dark Raspberry Moonshine Added 2 new alchemy recipes: Essence of Warding, Gorgon's Bane Corrected the price of boxes brewing bottles in the brewing shop Gorgons now have scales you can collect for alchemy New via Alchemy: Essence of Warding, Potion of Protection from Petrification, Potion of Death Ward and Gorgon's Bane (Stone to Flesh) Removed stolen flag from falcon's feathers & brewing bottles Increased chances of Copper spawning in Hillmarch Tunnels Maybe found the issue with Stonelands Tunic Added Gold Onyx Ring and Silver Onyx Necklace to jewelry crafting Added Oak, Hickory, and Mahogany Short spears to Wood Crafting Added Amulet mold to tinker shop Tilverton Added crafting stations Added tailoring models Changed "Flag of Arabel" to "Flag of Tilverton" Added crafting NPCs for shops Quests Calantar Cave changed journal name from jt_calantarcave_0 to jt_calantarcave to match the variable on the boss rewrote journal for frost giant cave in Ice Palace quest Replaced snake at end of Immerflow quest with a boulder Misc Stuff Removed damage to familiars upon summoning