The following quest have had some tweaks. Mostly to make them scale better to the party (or lack of a party if soloing) Starwater Tomb (6-9) Party Size: 1-10 Quest Giver: Jasmine Popine, located in Eveningstar Troll Bog (6-9) Party Size: 1-10 Quest Giver: Jessikah Tinga, located in King's Forest, Collinwood Raging Elementals (6-9) Party Size: 1-10 Quest Giver: Jacqueline Farsight, located in Helmlands, Blasted Lands Hullack Bandits (6-9) Party Size: 1-10 Quest Giver: Hullack Bandits, located in Hullack Forest, High Crimmond (NOTE! - This quest still require less powerful versions of a certain arachnid to allow scaling to less powerful parties... for now, I advise smaller groups to avoid the extra area through a tight space check. Goblin Valley (6-9) Party Size: 1-10 Quest Giver: Red Raven, located in Moonsea Ride, Stonebolt Trail (Very minor mod to the boss) WARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SOLO THE FOLLOWING QUEST Dhedluk (6-9) Partysize: 1-10 Quest Giver: Katheryn Jamesway, located in King's Forest, Nelnueve's Rest (This has not been modified, but will be)