Vossler the Werewolf

  • I am surprised that there has not been a file started on this threat.

    Reading the law book under the section on Arabellan Citizenship you see the following passage.

    Creatures of evil such as Drow, Lycanthropes, Undead, and other monsters are to be killed on sight. Willful failure to kill, conspiracy with, and/or assisting creatures of evil and traitors of the Kingdom, will result in loss of citizenship. Those without citizenship, are not protected by any law.

    Here is what I know:
    • Vossler is a lycanthrope, a werewolf, and has attacked people.
    • He leaves piles of meat near various villages, purportedly as a show of magnanimity, but I suspect ulterior motives from a black-hearted beast. I have cleaned up several piles of rotting meat.
    • I have seen him walking the city of Arabel in human form with impunity.
    • He relies heavily on imbibing potions before fighting.
    • Tilverton has a bounty on his head and on the heads of anyone who offer him assistance.
    • Vossler painted stag meat white in attempt to deceive the green dragon into attacking Councilor Dextar.
    • The bardess Lucy is a close associate of Vossler. Their relationship is not fully known to me, but I overheard him tell her, “Songbird, ward my mind.” She is in violation of the law.
    • The druid called Greg and another man called Sergei are also confidants of his. All in violation of the law.
    • During a hunt for the reagents Master Jojen Taymont seeks alongside the Scarlets, Vossler showed up. Afterwards while explaining, we were asked by Taymont, “why would you work with a werewolf?”, to which I answered, “We were not working with him,” but Jack quickly added, “Do not answer for the Scarlets,” or something to that effect.
    • Sir Tiatus and I discussed trapping Vossler somehow.

    My colleagues, please add any other intelligence we have on Vossler to this file, and discuss what steps we must take to slay this beast, as he only grows stronger every day.

    ~Danny Steele

  • I would agree that Lucy and others are in violation of the law. The people of arabel are at risk with such traitors walking amongst them. Other things worth knowing of vossler and associates..

    • He seeks those "worthy" to acquire his curse
    • Lucy seeks Vossler not only for friendship but to obtain her goal of Lycanthropy. She spoke of one instance where he struck her and yet she still followed him. Seeking to mend their dispute at the time.
    • He is not the leader of the hullack. The pack leader is a priestess of Malar. He instead seeks his own pack
    • He respects the hunt. A show of strength to him is not combatively related to that of sword and shield but from one's bounties.
    • Detaining Lucy may draw out Vossler
    • He has corrupted weapons of silver
    • Him and this dragon or fey trick are enemies... For now

    -Sir Tiatus Thornwind, High Dawnknight of Eveningstar

  • This rabbid dog has been a thorn in my side. First he took and defiled my silver hammer of which I have yet to cleanse. Second instance he bested me and then stole my Family's Dawnbringer pendant. The pendant was returned to me with much thanks to Dextar for its return. This beast needs to be put down or crucified until dead under the sun of Lathander or by fire!

  • Dawnbringer Jadzia, we all agree what needs to happen to Vossler, but confronting him face-to-face has thus far been fruitless. Last night, he defeated Muric one-on-one, threatening all of us (Myself, Dex, Jess) that he would slay him if any others interferred. Lucy was present and had already provided Vossler with some magickal assistance. We need to have a constructive conversation on a strategy for defeating him.


  • It is best Lucy is unaware of what comes. She will be detained and brought to justice for assisting vossler in attacking one of our Dawnknights. To help this abomination is to be just as guilty as he is.

    Light be with you,

    -Sir Tiatus Thornwind, High Dawnknight of Eveningstar

  • I have a plan to trap Wolfblood using this dragon. It will require some finesse and timing. It requires using myself as the bait. Wolfblood wants me to face the dragon, so I lead a group to the glade the dragon wants to meet. The group would not consist of the Dawnknights, for they will come later to block Wolfbloods escape. The way the glade is arranged, there is only one exit. After the Dawnknights close off the escape path, he will be forced to fight us all at once. As powerful as he is, he cannot take us all at once. I simply must know when we can accomplish this, and who we bring with the first group we can trust. //OOC what days good?

    Dextar Jes'tar

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Their royal majesties hereby authorize a bounty of 15,000 golden coins or a relic from their pristine vaults upon the man who slays this werewolf. All who have aided, and aid this creature, are to be exiled and live like the beasts they so cherish and love, their persons hunted and staked upon the road to the City's Eastern Gates for 5,000 gold bounties respectively, or a symbol of esteem from the Queen's hand.

    • The Royal Messenger Boy

  • I have disturbing update on the Werewolf Vossler and those of the Hullack. There is more on what happened to Dawnknight Muric as well. If possible I need the council to convene with the Druid Greg so that he may inform us all on the Development. I fear my own description will be insufficient. Dawnknight Muric and druid Georgette should also be present.

    Dextar Jes'tar

  • When this meeting is arranged, let us know. I will endeavor to be present.


  • I was headed back alone to Arabel from the hullack and ran into the Lycan known as Vossler Wolfsblood. He attacked, making no time for words and challenged my blade. He has been defeated, his corpse burned into a holy fire in Eveningstar. Malar took insult to this and brought him back to life only to be struck last yet again by my blade. Those who aided in the ritual have been credited. As for the bounty.. I shall claim the relic.

    File to be closed.

    -Sir Tiatus Thornwind, High Dawnknight of Eveningstar.

  • Admin [DM]

    Sir Thornwind, please make haste to the Palace for your reward.

    The Royal Messenger Boy

  • So who aided this beast in attacking people or provided it succor,

    It is high time examples were made of them for aiding monsters.


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