[Implemented/Closed]Nerf Titanium 18-20 weapons

  • these are a bit much, all things considered. I'd recommend removing the +2 crit damage from them, just to make them a bit more balanced out with all of the rest of the titanium gear.

    The entire server hisses at sharkinajar for a nerf suggestion

  • Server will hiss at me even more for suggesting they ALL need nerfing - but I understand they take a LOT of work to make, so it's probably ok.

  • I know it's hard to see from the 30k foot view, but it takes a /lot/ of work and time to get to the point where you can create these higher tier gear items, I've been working on my armor/weapon smithing since day one and I've only just got 6/4 respectively. Smelting/gemcrafting and some other crafts can be worked on in one sitting using one material and one check, but smithing requires multiple checks:

    Smelt the ingot, check if successful.
    Get enough ingots to make the thing.
    Get ancillary materials.
    Check to make the thing.
    Do it again to gain skill.

    Nothing I've seen dropping competes, but nothing DM granted will come close. I know it's a balancing act, but honestly for all the effort that goes into making these things, they should feel potent if not powerful.

    At the same time, some things need tweaks, like why adorning mithril plate with gold creates something objectively worse (weighs 50 pounds instead of what mithril should weigh) and the stats on it change for the worse.

  • Admin [DM]

    Adding this here for clarity

    There is a team agreed progression for power levels and a basic difficulty. This is the guideline being used for quests, monster spawns, loot drops, faction promotions etc.

    Tiers are

    With regard to items the scaling final goal is

    Purchased Generic < Quest Loot < Crafted < Faction < DM Reward/Unique

    Titanium is supposed to be hard/special. So that means it should be better than anything found on the Hard/Special quests but not as good at faction loot for Rank 4-5 and/or DM reward/Unique item for plot completion in which you made a significant impact.

    There is a delicate balance to try for in that we don't want to make it too hard for the average player to eventually get so we can slow down the player who focuses and grinds towards it. The trade off is you get situations where there is an unusual amount of high end, powerful items. We want to have the power level make them desirable but not a must have.


    We launched crafting with a best guess to collect data. We now have the data and will be making adjustments.

  • Oh yeah. They're super strong/unique. I'm not saying nerf them as a whole. Honestly, they aren't SUPER DUPER good considering that they don't do much if an enemy has... say... endured elements on. But it does add a lot of damage for PvE. Maybe too much.

    Though, my nerf request wasn't for all of them. Just for very specific weapon types, namely kukri/scimitar/falchion. Just the fact that they have exactly the same stats as all of the rest immediately make them far stronger, and also make them the best weapon types in the game because crit is king and 2x crits are super effective. Just recommending reducing THOSE SPECIFIC one's damage down by a bit to be more in line with everything else.

  • Order of the Aster

    My take on the the issue is not the power level of the titanium blades, but that they are sold too cheaply. If the PCs that made them sold them at 75% of what a NPC merchant would, they would be the seen at rarity of what the power scaling would imply.

  • Is there even anyone who can make them anymore? The one character that was selling them isn't being played anymore.

  • Admin [DM]

    Can also raise the DC to make them.

  • @Echo Don't think that's necessary, honestly. I think they are right where they need to be from a crafting standpoint. And probably from a power standpoint on stats. My only issue are on the HIGH CRIT RANGE titanium weapons, which need a nerfing.

  • i have crafted many of those weapon,.. trust me to get there it take a lot of time and frustration night over night... so in my opinion those titanium weapon should remain as powreful they are... now that i have no longer a crafter.. wait and see how long it will take for seeing any other titanium weapon around 😞

  • Yep, just looked a bit more at the effort required to make these. No need to nerf them.

    I mean, yeah, maybe reduce the massive crits on them as suggested?

  • Admin [DM]

    @Zool said in Nerf Titanium 18-20 weapons:

    I mean, yeah, maybe reduce the massive crits on them as suggested?

    Sounds like a good compromise, making it a bit more even among the weapons

  • Admin [DM]

    Professor v7048

    • Massive Critical 2 removed from 18-20 critical threat weapons. Please see a DM for a replacement if required.

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