Starting quests. TRIPLE end xp at levels 4 and 5

  • Having recently been to a server that has the same level range as CoA and similar starting level, i want to encourage you to TRIPLE the end xp from 150 to 450, from the solo quests.

    Reason is simple. Getting off level 4 on your own is a slog and if you do the low level solos exclusively, you will need around 20-30 runs to get to level 5. On the other server i mentioned, it is VERY quick to get to level 5 and pretty damn quick to level 6. After that everything slows down considerably.

    My point is, getting to 6 on your own should be fast and from there you can do things with other players,

  • I agree with this, it would make it a lot easier for us in lower server pop TZ's to actually get to the level of the other players and of the majority of the content on the server. The current grind is especially difficult for the classes that can't solo every quest that is available to them, making it even longer than the amount of runs CB already gave us.

  • Being that the top level for this server is 10 and you already start at level 4: I humbly disagree. I've been to a lot of servers have added scripting, dmed , and added custom content to a lot of servers and seen the mechanics to them.

    Normally expect to hit 20th level for a pc in 8 to 10 months. Since the highest level on this particular server is 10 (the ultimate level) I would in fact slow down the rate in which a player attains 10th level.

    10th level characters on this server are the leaders of factions, and should hold a special place. Like Nan the druid. and others of major factions like Scale Dauen of house Vaylan. It takes time to build up a reputation.

    I have spoke to Echo about this and she agrees with my synopsis of the environment of CoA. If you already start out at 4th level and need to go to 10th you should have a hard time attaining the ultimate level. It should take time to build up your reputation. Factions should and need time to recognize you as an important person in the realms.

    I have been playing pnp since 1985. Ive been playing NWN since its infancy. A heavy rp server such as this; You need time to build up your reputation within the realms that you exist and to become a central character that instances build around. I say nay to what you propose because you only have 6 levels into which you may advance. After that you have attained both the reputation and swage that makes you a special character within the server.

  • Elves

    i am .. .sort of in between for this reason... if you play any sort of fighter class... or a priest, and well build.. yo ull level up very fast to 5 and 6 and then 7, even on your own . i can myself do that in 3 reset... really i can... i understand that a rogue or mage.. on his own cant level up as quickly as a fighter can... so perhaps some quest should be more mage related or rogue related, giving them bit more xp, in those perticular quest...
    also.. leveling up quickly bring another problem... your gears.. if you havent die once and get level 7 in let s say 3 days... you have shity gears to go on level 8.. quite hard by then.. so oddly, dying once or twice, sort of help you get better gears with luck doing the quest you previously did reset ago.
    I also agree that once you reach level 8 -9 and 10, you are quite the hero by then, but if you managed that is so short a time.. it make no sense that all of a sudden a new character that none know much about can almost dictate his or her rules on others, which could be bad for the whole server.... i think... just a though.
    Also... creating a character take time to really put a set of mind on him or her... you have to play him/her often to find pattern in which we can recognize your character,... does he/she swear a lot, or does he/she have a perticular habbit or traits that you will feel comfy with playing, so the slower we level up... the better quality rp you ll bring, since you ll feel at home, playing someone else then the ""real you"".

  • I agree with the idea of this xp bump. Lvls do not equal reputation, your actions do. I've seen plenty of characters both high and low level accomplish a lot. They have been able to do this by involving others, this xp bump with aid that process so I am all for it.

    As far as character development is concerned. The lvls 7-10 are still quite lengthy and high risk. Upon creation you should have an idea of how to portray your character if you are a concerned experienced player. Not everyone has the time to play full time, this will make it seem like a lower barrier of entry for the server for part time players.

  • Making the grind from 4-6 more tolerable does not impact the grind to 10th level
    It is already astoundingly easy to get to level 6-7 and it doesn't even involve the starter quests. (It does, however, require playing during more populated times and having someone to quest with, and knowing which quests to take.)
    The current system punishes players who can only play during dead times while those that play during peak hours will find the server opened up to them within days.

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    @Ruler true... part time players, and full time players can easily distance themselves in levels in a short amount of time, which could seem a bit unfair... i dont know how easy or if doable to implement a sort of xp rating bonus to those who rp in their few spare time compare to those like myself who work home being a janitor in my building... it s easy for me to be here 24/7.. that and my ad&d addiction and my insomnia illness i level up quite quickly

  • Crimson Guard

    @Bibi-the-Alien said in Starting quests. TRIPLE end xp at levels 4 and 5:

    so perhaps some quest should be more mage related or rogue related, giving them bit more xp, in those perticular quest...

    I can agree with this. It wouldn't hurt if a few quests would be particularly created for mages. Maybe something like a puzzle quest, where you don't really have to kill stuff but solve mysteries instead. I see the point that if you did it once, the second time will be boring, but I'll try to come up with some viable ideas for this.

  • Elves

    @Wulfric yeah like the mortuary quest.. the sequence for the locked doors are easy to remember once done.. it s lighting-cold-acid-negative-cold-negative and then fire... all door open.. quest done in less than 2.... doing that quest more than once.. or three times.. or four -five if you are unlucky and die often, become a bit boring.. again not sure if it is easy to implement a code that change the setting of spells order to unlock the doors... again jut a though

  • Admin [DM]

    We're currently remaking all monsters, once the task is done it should be a lot easier for weaker classes to solo the lower quests.
    Currently end quest EXP is static, but at lower levels you gain more exp when you kill monsters to speed up the leveling process. This slows down the higher level you get.

  • There's little to no kill XP on the intended starter quests, so if you're doing them and not anything else, you're still looking at 20-30 runs of them. Difficulty isn't a problem, the mindnumbing grind of them however, is

  • Bumping this. Starting out as a new lowbie myself, the grind is horribly slow. It shouldn't take you longer to get from 4 to 5 than it does from 6 to 7, but that's where it's currently at.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Puffy said in Starting quests. TRIPLE end xp at levels 4 and 5:

    We're currently remaking all monsters, once the task is done it should be a lot easier for weaker classes to solo the lower quests.

    @sharkinajar said in Starting quests. TRIPLE end xp at levels 4 and 5:

    Bumping this.

    There's no use currently in bumping this until we're finished with the monster remake & quest overhaul. THEN we can discuss XP gain and make adjustments as needed.

    Please be patient. We're working as fast as our lives allow!

  • Admin [DM]

    End exp has been raised for low levels

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