Hunters Union Prestige Store - Suggestions

  • Suggestion 1)

    The arrows that can be purchased all have 2 damage of their respective types (acid, electrical, cold). This is the same damage as arrows that can be made via crafting. Suggestion: increase damage output on arrows in Hunter Union prestige store. For 150 points, they should be better than can be crafted.

    Suggestion 2)

    The poison arrows only come in stacks of 10, but cost the same as arrows in stacks of 99. Suggestion: increase the number of poison arrows to 99 to match the other types at the same cost.

    Suggestion 3)

    There's only one armor. No other clothing item that would be of use to a hunter. Suggestion: add boots, belts, etc. for hunters (AE, spot, tumble, that sort of stuff)

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Keep these coming for all prestige stores: This is on the to do list

  • Precept Arcanum

    99 poison arrows might be too generous at 150pp, I think 50 arrows would be a fair compromise tho. Otherwise I totally agree with everything suggested so far.

    The Malar Leathers and bows are laughably bad, no offense! I just can’t see anyone in their right mind paying 500pp for them. Either drastically reduce the price or give them some better stats. Bonuses vs animals/beasts/vermin/elves/half-elves would be cool. +AE, Spot, Listen, Search, Set Trap, H/MS are also welcome and fit the hunter theme.

    Lewt ideas:

    ~150pp range~

    Chipped Bull Horn
    A chipped horn harvested from a wild bull and blessed by the Huntmaster.
    CL9 Bull’s Strength small trinket, 1 use

    Wild Cat Claw
    A claw harvested from a great wild cat and blessed by the Huntmaster.
    CL9 Cat’s Grace small trinket, 1 use

    Owl Feather
    A white feather taken from a great owl and blessed by the Huntmaster.
    CL9 Owl’s Wisdom small trinket, 1 use

    Eagle Feather
    A beautiful feather taken from a great eagle and blessed by the Huntmaster.
    CL9 Eagle’s Splendor small trinket, 1 use

    Fox Tail
    A tail harvested from a shrewd fox and blessed by the Huntmaster.
    CL9 Fox’s Cunning small trinket, 1 use

    ((Will add more, at work atm =)))

  • Admin [DM]

    Thank you so much ♥

  • Suggestion 4)

    From what I've seen, the other factions' "special prestige items" are worth 100pp each (skull rose for Misrim comes to mind immediately). Hunters Union's "special prestige items" is meat, at 1pp each. We have to kill 100 animals for the same points as picking one rose. Granted, animals are more commonly found, but it feels unbalanced. Suggestion: Add other animal items from rarer animals (elk antlers, lion's mane, etc) that are worth more than 1pp each (5-10, or even 20 points each, perhaps, depending on the animal).

  • I will do up a suggestion post as well for crimson stuff tomorrow when I have time unless you want to keep it all I one thread

  • Precept Arcanum

    This post is deleted!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Just stick it here

  • That's what she said.

    Bear's heart
    A heart torn from a bear, still seemingly warm and blessed by Malar.
    CL9 endurance large trinket, 1 use

  • I like that some prestige has boxes with the weight reduction. Would almost like to see a thematic version for all factions as i won't earn faction with Misrim. Though I am earning it with the palace. I think the crimson should have options of armor and weapons more so given they represent an army. Would love to see thematic tower shields either in the crimson prestige or faction store.

  • Admin [DM]


    Hunters Union

    • Updated the arrows in the Hunters Union
    • Updated the amount of poison arrows, now it's 50
    • Added some thematic loot based of what has been suggested
    • Updated malar's leathers
    • Added higher valued animal drop prestige items
    • Added a version of the heart

    Crimson Guards

    • Added two new shields
    • Added more halberds

  • Tricksters Boots

    A prized possession of those that live between the worlds of magic and thievery.

    base item: boots
    stats: +2ms, bonus spell slot wiz/bard/sorc lvl1

    Arcanist's Wand Belt

    A simple belt tied with various loops for storage and ease of access to the wearers wands and components.

    base item: belt
    stats: +1 conc, +1 umd, bonus spell slot wiz/bard/sorc lvl 1

    Shadow Robes

    Made from a material that seems to absorb light these robes are sought after by both the arcane and those that prefer to live from the shadows.

    base item: robes
    stats: +2 hide, +1 tumble, bonus spell slot wiz/bard/sorc lvl 2

    Cowl of the Trickster

    When pulled low over the wearer's face the cowl casts deep shadows and causes the gaze those that view the wearer to slip on past tricked by the illusion magics bound into the cowl.

    base item: hood
    stats: +1hide, +1ms, bonus spell slot wiz/bard/sorc lvl 1

    if these are useful let me know and i will try to make them in toolset etc

  • Thieves maul

    Whilst not a maul in fact, this club carries a significant threat and is readily concealed. The ideal weapon for the thug with a reputation.

    base item: club
    stats: +2 intimidate, +1 persuade, +d4 piercing damage

    Robes of the Beast

    A blood red robe patterned with runic markings giving praise to the Beastlord, Malar.

    base item: robes
    stats: +2 intimidate, +2search, +2 spot, +2 ac vs animals

    The Hunted

    These thin leather boots are occasionally given to the prey during a Malarite Hunt to make the chase last a while longer, they are however a boon for hunter and hunted alike.

    base item: boots
    stats: +2 tumble, +2 discipline, expeditious retreat 2charges/use, 25 charges.

    Conjurer's Focus

    This crystalline amulet provides a lens through which a conjurer might focus their will, allowing them to expand their ability.

    base item: amulet
    stats: +2 concentration, bonus spell slot wiz/sorc lvl2

    Necromancer' Focus

    Made from a shattered human femur and imbued with the life force of the deceased, this athame conveys a portion of it's power to those that are able to wield it.

    base item: dagger
    stats: bonus spell slot wiz/sorc 2, +2 neg damage, OUB evil

    Coat of Gold

    This ostentatious jacket shimmers with the appeal of gold, a delight for those that rely on image and distraction.

    base item: Robe (trenchcoat)
    stats: +1 persuade, +1 appraise, +1 bluff, +1 perform, +1 UMD

  • Admin [DM]

    Added versions of the items suggested so far! v6893

  • Beginners Guide to Camping

    This well worn book explains in detail how best to make do in the great outdoors, a boon for many a traveller.

    base item: Book (new weapon type one)
    Stats: weight reduction 20%, grants feat allowing ranger/barb resting without campfire

    Wilderness Survival

    A tatty, well worn guide passed on from one wildsman to another, filled with hints and tips for the experienced woodsman.

    //do not UMD this item

    base item: Book (weapon one)
    stats: weight reduction 20%, grants feat allowing rest without bedroll (as druid), OUB ranger, barb

    Merchant's Desire

    This fragile crystal ring carries an allure that draws the eye, so much so that anyone seeking to take advantage of the distracted will find it invaluable.

    base item: ring
    stats: bluff +1, appraise +2, charm person 5 charges/use, 21 charges

    Cloak of the Cat

    More accurately described as a cloak made of cats, this patchwork cloak retains something of their mythic nine lives.

    base item: cloak
    stats: +2 tumble, cmw 2 charges/use, resistance 1charge/use, shield 5 charges/use 11charges

  • Admin [DM]

    @Cadiz said in Hunters Union Prestige Store - Suggestions:

    grants feat allowing ranger/barb resting without campfire
    grants feat allowing rest without bedroll

    I thought rangers can rest w/out campfire. Also resting isnt done via feat.

  • @Echo the idea was to allow other classes to gain the ability for a significant amount of prestige points.

    so basic book allows non druid/ranger/bab to gain the ability to rest without campfire.
    advanced book allows ranger/barb to rest as adruid does.

  • Admin [DM]

    Ah, I understand now.

  • might be nice to have some themed potions in the stores to, just renamed animal potions, maybe a higher cl as they are prestige not gp items.

    Hunter's store

    Lion's Blood - bulls cl6
    Jaguar's Blood - cats cl6
    Eagle's Blood - eagles cl6
    Ox Blood - endurance cl6

    Rabble Rousers

    Preacher's Punch - eagles cl6
    Snitch's Poison - owls cl6
    Rabble's Rouser - endurance cl6
    Gonegal's Gin - bulls cl6

    Druid store

    Walker's Relief - endurance cl6
    Tamer's Tonic - eagles cl6
    Storm Brew - owls cl6
    Nine Lives - cats cl6

    etc for other stores.

  • Malar's Wrath

    These gauntlets are designed to allow the lycans claws to extend through the glove, whilst imbuing them with some of the Beastlord's savagery.

    base item - glove
    stats - bonus feat weapon focus unarmed, weapon spec unarmed, improved crit unarmed, +2 slashing oub shapechanger

    Belt of the Boar

    This loose belt, blessed by priests of the Beastlord, carries an enchantment targeted at those that Hunt the beasts of the land

    base item - belt
    stats - +2 discipline, +2 taunt, +2 conc, -2 AE, +2ac vs beasts, animals

    Ratskin gloves

    Soft supple leather imbued with soul of the rat, these fingerless gloves provide a dextrous and light touch suitable for all manner of nefarious activities but at the cost of accepting some aspect of the rat into your psyche.

    base item - gloves
    stats - +2 umd, +2 pp, +2 hide, +2 ms, +2 ol, +2 dt, -1 mind saves, -1 will saves

    Collar the Beast

    Made for the sole purpose of taming animals this silver inlaid collar carries an enchantment for those that would hunt deep into the forests of the land.

    base item - amulet
    stats - +2 ac vs animals, beasts, shapechangers, +2 AE, +2 spot, +2 search

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