Suggestions: Thematic Loot

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    We're noticing that a lot of the same loot items are showing up across multiple quests. I would like to see more thematic loot for each of the quests. Please take a look at the QUEST LIST and make suggestions below of simple, but flavorful, items for each quest.


    1. No 1/use per day stuff on quests
    2. Specialty things like Shield, Barkskin etc extremely rare
    3. Healing is to be plentiful (but not Cure Crits or Heal! CSW should be extremely rare on 4-6 quests!)
    4. No junk stuff!

  • High Road Ants (6-8)

    Diseased Ant Leg - Club - An ant leg, probably diseased. +2 acid damage
    Diseased Antena - Staff - The antenna of a large ant. Seems to be able to detect and emit chemicals of some description. This could probably be manipulated by an individual with the right knowledge. - contagion 3-8 charges, +2 disease/poison
    Large Ant Carapace - Small/Large Shield - Hardened to the point it could offer some protection, this large ant carapace might be used as a shield - +1 / +2 disease
    Large Ant droppings - Bullets - On Hit: disease (10%) or something

    Haunted Mansion (4-6)
    Ancient Watchtower (7-10)
    and any quests with a Cormyrian theme

    Should be a place to get very good contraband for all classes. Decent armours (+1 full plate; Cormyrian scouting leathers; +1 shields, +1 longswords; old War Wizard robes that boost spellcraft/lore and spell slots). "Cormyrian potions" and the like also. MAKE VERY CLEAR PEOPLE WILL ATTACK YOU IF YOU USE THESE ITEMS IN THE OPEN IN ARABEL

    If these are good suggestions, I can come up with more.

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    @JoeKickAss said in Suggestions: Thematic Loot:

    High Road Ants (6-8)

    Added these v6726

    @JoeKickAss said in Suggestions: Thematic Loot:

    If these are good suggestions, I can come up with more.

    Yes please!

  • Do you have a random treasure system? I have a variation of silicon scouts random treasure system where all treasure is put into an obdc databse linked to open office. With that kind of system you put no load on the server. The only problem is someone must make the database entries. I had 18,000 pieces of treasure arranged in 5 level increments in the database I used. You would have to have a data base and the MySQL scripts along with connectors from server to db and open office or Microsoft office. along with accompanying in game scripts. Which I can give you if you want to go in that direction.

  • Admin [DM]


    We have a "module level" loot chest that spawns stuff, but we also have chests inside the quest areas that spawn items specific to that quest (like bug loot on quests where you kill bugs, etc).

    That said, I'd be interested to look at the system you mentioned.

    @Winterhawk99 said in Suggestions: Thematic Loot:

    The only problem is someone must make the database entries.

    Someone also has to make all the items in the palette!

  • I'll post the scripts. I don't have time to build or do Cc anymore but i'm always willing to help with what experience through the years I've acquired through all the great people I learn from back in the day.

  • For all quests:

    • CMW, CSW potions. Lots of wands are spawning as loot, but not everyone can use them, so please drop potions as well.

    Starwater Tomb (6-9)

    • Bandit Archer's Boots
      • +1 AC vs piercing, Deflection maybe
      • Skill bonus: tumble +2
      • Grease(3) 1 charge/use, 5 charges
    • Bandit Arrows (stacks of 20, depending on party size, more of it can spawn)
      • piercing +2 dmg
      • cold +2 dmg
    • Wands: CSW 1/player, CMW 1/player, not more
    • Elven Longsword
      • +1 AB vs Human
      • +1 AB vs Dwarf
      • Light: 20m blue medium
      • DMG bonus +1d2 slashing

    Hullack Bandits (6-9)

    • Potions
      • Ironguts (at least 1 / player) (dropped from corpse)
      • Lesser Restoration (1 or 2 max) (dropped from some corpses)
    • Hullack Spider leg (Base item: wand, Web(5) 10 charges)
    • Bandit Belt
      • Search +3
      • Spot +3
      • Poison Weapon (something easy, 5 charges)
    • Arrows
      • Poisoned (mild) 10/stack
      • Fire/Cold/Piercing +2 dmg
    • Bolts
      • Piercing 1d4 damage, 10/stack
    • Bandit Veteran's Glove
      • +1 AC deflection
      • Discipline +2
      • True Strike (3 charges)

    Items can be mixed between these two quests probably, though the Hullack one is a bit harder.

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    @Wulfric said in Suggestions: Thematic Loot:

    CMW, CSW potions. Lots of wands are spawning as loot, but not everyone can use them, so please drop potions as well.

    Healing wands are usable by everyone, there is no requirement on them.
    Potions do not drop, but we plan to add them as reward given by the NPC at the end of quests.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Cadiz which quest are these intended for?

  • i hadnt looked at the quest list but was considering prestige shops, there is little for mages and sorcs, and i went for utility for other classes/cross classes too.

    i am sure that they might fit in bandit themed quests, however i havent done very many quests so couldnt tell you which!

  • Admin [DM]

    Ok. The OP was for quests but I think this thread is for Prestige shops. Doesnt matter really I guess

  • Admin [DM]

    Moved the post to the prestige store thread 🙂

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