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  • I spoke about this a few times but didn't really have a solution because it was too early. Having hearing some of the issues people are having though and this conversation topic repeatedly coming up I think there is a good balance.

    BASIC: These are your entry-level quests. Alleyway, pixies and such. Meant to be doable as a single person. Generally low risk but high reward. Helps people who have just had bad luck get on their feet or soften the blow for the servers difficulty for people who are just getting into it. Lucrative, basic, but limited in quantity and range.

    Levels 4-6, party 1-8

    MODERATE: These are the low/medium range quests. Sewer goblins, barrenstone and most of the things which are already level 6 cap but require multiple people to enter. A lot of these seem to scale well for party size and level, but people have trouble currently getting groups for them because levels 4->5 and 5-> 6 aren't too hard and can be solo'd, but level 6's are rare because they have such a massive ammount of quests available to them and get powered to 7 rapidly. By adjusting the range from 4-8 this allows both lower and medium leveled characters to interact, quests difficulty will be appropriately scaled by spawns, but reward for the medium ranged members isn't silly so in the end it benefits the lower/medium end of the spectrum. All quests are like that though.

    Levels 4-8, party 2-8 OR levels 5-8 if it has tricky spots and parties need more hp to last because at that range all levels do is give hp

    HIGH: These are the medium/high range quests. Lizardfolk, orcs, ogres, stormhorn giants and so on. Really anything with over 8 AB and 10 damage possible. Some of these are currently 6-9, some of them are 7-10, but there is no reason for the distinction. There is no difference between a level 6 and a level 7 unless it is a primary spellcaster, in which case the only reason for a 7 minimum would be because stoneskin/imp invis are MANDATORY buffs for the quest which you shouldn't enter without. These weird level ranges also make it so that there are two (really 3 though) quests which a level 10 is even capable of, which means that a level 9/10 who should be a mover and shaker in the community is impotent because of their lacking ability to obtain gold or supplies to do things or participate in events, or with other people. Expanding these ranges gives some overlap, and remains balanced due to spawn difficulty increase, though it doooessss get a little crazy sometimes coughDwarvenThugLevel14Barbarianscough The only mechanical difference between a level 9 and a level 10, anyway, is 10ish hp and maybe one AB. Except for sorcs who earn 5th circle slots.

    Levels 6-10, party 2-8

    Special: These are special eventlike quests. At the moment: Gnolls. This should also have a special warning in the description to warn people this is a brutal, horrible, dreadful slog that will beat the crap out of them and may take hours to complete (give an estimated time if long like gnolls so people don't have to leave halfway for RL), but will be appropriately rewarding if they are able to complete it. These end-tier things do need a higher limit more of as an ooc indicator that this is different from normal quests but of course have the best rewards and dm loot like stuff.

    Levels 7-10, party 3-8 (or 3-10)


    Basic 4-6 soloable
    Moderate 4-8
    High 6-10
    Special 7-10, 3-8/10 party size

    Overlap of levels 6 and 7 between moderate/high allowing more flexibility for player interaction and reduced playerbase segregation, particularly with timezones and lower player count, while maintaining difficulty ranges of quests appropriately via spawn scaling.

  • Endorsing this post.

    People are, typically, between levels 4 and 8. There's already often < 5 people in game and they can't do anything together at the moment because of the current split.

  • Admin [DM]

    Our original plan was 4-10, 4-6, 6-9 and 7-10. But since launch it has become a bit more fluid, based of the quest itself.

    Right now the list is a little outdated, but this gives an general idea what we have so far. I'm also missing a few quests, I'm certain.

    Letter Trail (4-6) Fetch
    Courier (4-10) Fetch

    Mountain Climbing (4-10) Exploration
    Immer Trail (4-10) Exploration

    Trashed Potion Shop (4-6) Starter
    Sticky Situation (4-6) Starter
    Graveyard Ops (4-6) Starter
    Wyrm Cave (4-6) Starter
    Kobolds Nest (4-6) Starter
    Infested House (4-6) Starter
    Haunted Mansion (4-6) Starter
    Downtown (4-6) Starter
    Heroic Plumbers (4-6) Starter
    Old Tomb (4-6) Starter
    Historic Farmlands (4-6) Starter
    Firefall Keep (4-6) Starter
    Maela's Monsters (4-6) Starter
    Barrenstone (4-6) Starter
    Lord Darendaal's Wedding Ring (4-6) Starter
    Wolf Infested Farmlands (4-7) Starter

    Starwater Tomb (6-9) Average

    Ancient Watchtower (7-10) Hard
    Dwarf Rescue (7-10) Hard
    Warm Waterfall (7-10) Hard
    Irondrake Rock (7-10) Hard
    Gnoll Peaks (7-10) Hard
    Calantar's Cave (7-10) Hard

  • immersea lizardfolk 7-10, size 3-8 *
    Hillmarch Ogres 6-9 party 3-8 *
    Redwood child specter 6-10, party 3-10 -
    Redwood, redspring meadow Barrenstone 4-6, party 2-8
    Calantars road, orcs, 7-10 party 2-10
    High road ants 6-9 party 3-8 *
    high road, stone cliffs 1-6, party 1-6
    Eveningstar 4-9 party 1-8 *
    Moonsea ride, gnoll path 7-10, party 2-10 -
    Battle of South Horn 7-10, party 2-8 *
    Storm horns, tempest valley 6-10, 2-8 -
    Storm Horns, Giants Passage 7-10, party 2-8 *
    Helmlands, blasted lands 6-9 party 2-8 ?
    Helmlands, forest of eyes hut 6-10 (hard) -

    This is the list of what I have which is up to date from what is found so far. Doesn't include 1-6 stuff which may have potentially been changed higher.

  • asterisks on mine were changed quests which needed testing and - is broken or incomplete

  • Admin [DM]


    Letter Trail (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-1
    Quest Giver: Gemma Green, located in Arabel: Faceless Inn

    Courier (4-10)
    Party Size: 1-20
    Quest Giver: Squire Saga, located in Arabel Outskits, Calantar's Road


    Mountain Climbing (4-10)
    Party Size: 1-20
    Quest Giver: Mountain Climbing, located in Dragon Trail

    Immer Trail (4-10)
    Party Size: 1-20
    Quest Giver: Immer Trail, located in Eastway, Bospir


    Trashed Potion Shop (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-3
    Quest Giver: Lana Wetton

    Sticky Situation (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-6
    Quest Giver: Lady Kraliqh, King's Plaza

    Graveyard Ops (4-6)
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:

    Wyrm Cave (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-6
    Quest Giver: Alicia Glimmerstoke, Arabel, Ourtskirts, Moonsea Ride

    Kobolds Nest (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-8
    Quest Giver: Kobolds Nest, located in Arabel, Sewers

    Infested House (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-3
    Quest Giver: Enya Ighnii, located in Arabel, Historic District

    Haunted Mansion (4-6)
    Party Size: 2-8
    Quest Giver: Georgina, located in Arabel, King's Plaza

    Downtown (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-4
    Quest Giver: Donna, located in Arabel, Historic District

    Heroic Plumbers (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-8
    Quest Giver: Madame Valentina Foster, located in Arabel, Falcon's Rest

    Old Tomb (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-8
    Quest Giver: Elderly Widow, Arabel: Mortuary

    Historic Farmlands (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-6
    Quest Giver: Viola Tanner, in Arabel, Historic District

    Maela's Monsters (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-6
    Quest Giver: Malea, Immersea: Maela's Boarding House

    Barrenstone (4-6)
    Party Size: 2-8
    Quest Giver: Barrenstone, located in Redwood, Redspring Meadows

    Lord Darendaal's Wedding Ring (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-6
    Quest Giver: Darendaal Chamberlain, High Road, Stonecliffs

    Wolf Infested Farmlands (4-7)
    Quest Giver:
    Enemies: Wolves, Dire Wolves


    Starwater Tomb (4-9)
    Party Size: 1-8
    Quest Giver: Jasmine Popine, located in Eveningstar

    Firefall Keep (6-9) WORK IN PROGRESS
    Party Size: 2-8
    Quest Giver: Summerstar Steward, located in Hullack Forest, Firefall Vale

    Infernal Cavern (6-9)
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:

    Hillmarch Ogres (6-9)
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:

    High Road Ants (6-9) Optional Incomplete
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:


    Redwood child specter (6-10)
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:

    Forest of Eyes (6-10) WORK IN PROGRESS
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:

    Immersea Lizardfolk (7-10) Missing loot
    Party Size:
    Quest Giver:

    Ancient Watchtower (7-10)
    Party Size: 2-8
    Quest Giver: Alice Sydow, Eveningstar, Battle of South Horn

    Dwarf Rescue (7-10)
    Party Size: 2-8
    Quest Giver: Grakdreck Iceriver (Storm Horns, Eastern Slopes)

    Warm Waterfall (7-10) WORK IN PROGRESS
    Party Size: 2-10
    Quest Giver: Rau'azz, located in Storm Horns, Tempest Valley

    Irondrake Rock (7-10)
    Party Size: 2-10
    Quest Giver: Astrid, located in Storm Horns, Giants Passage

    Gnoll Peaks (7-10) Missing loot
    Party Size: 2-10
    Quest Giver: Gnoll Peaks, located in Moonsea Ride, Gnoll Pass

    Calantar's Cave (7-10)
    Party Size: 2-10
    Quest Giver: Mr Blisterfoot, located in Calantar's Road, Blisterfoot Inn

  • Irondrake rock one is complete! It's the warm waterfall that isn't. Ancient Watchtower still has Wail of the Banshee though. Lizardfolk seems done (needs loot like everything though and 7 minimum is just too high). The ones that aren't done are ants optional, forest of eyes one, warm waterfall, child spectre. I slap gnolls on there too for now because... don't do it. Not until it is filled up 😛

  • Admin [DM]

    Updated list

  • Admin [DM]

    Pinned so I know where to find it

  • Admin [DM]

  • Maela's Monsters (4-6)
    Party Size: 1-6

    Not there

    Wolf Infested Farmlands (4-7)

    Could this quest be changed to 4-7 please? Currently 4-6

  • Storyteller [DM]

    @JoeKickAss said in Quest ranges:

    Wolf Infested Farmlands (4-7)

    Could this quest be changed to 4-7 please? Currently 4-6


  • @SpiffyMeister said in Quest ranges:

    @JoeKickAss said in Quest ranges:

    Wolf Infested Farmlands (4-7)

    Could this quest be changed to 4-7 please? Currently 4-6


    Well the description is wrong here, but nice to have some 4-7 quests.

  • Black Clover Society

    Giving it a little thought as of late, I think there is room to improve upon the way in which we look at segregating our quests.

    In this theoretical method, the quests level restrictions are completely unlocked and parties are free to recruit whoever they like/whoever is available to join them and get to decide their own relative level of difficulty.

    Instead, difficulty is largely measured by a player's ability to progress further along the quest's story/areas. Creating layers of difficulty that players themselves can decide if they are willing or able to progress through. In this, you don't necessarily even need to balance strictly for level anymore, simply creating a more difficult challenge every time you advance through a section of the quest means players will end up metering themselves as they start to struggle through encounters.

    I'm not super sure what a quest like this looks like in practice, but I'd like to see one or two implemented just to see how it works.

  • Oh, I think I understand. Example will be the Orb quest series from EFU.

  • Admin [DM]

    Explain for those of us who never played EFU

  • Entry quest is easier and has floating eyeballs, soloable.
    Secondary part of quest has eyeballs, cultists and aberrant worms, requires 2 people and is harder.
    Tertiary part of quest has a literal beholder with all the dangers that presents, requires three people and is all but guaranteed to kill you.

    Loot and gold reward from each one scales up with each quest you receive.

  • What Morui said. There's also plentiful loot rewards if your character have enough perception, additional gold, healing supplies mixing bench.
    Then there's resting area at the end of the second quest.
    And third quest (beholder lair) is a magic failure zone due to the beholder presence.

  • That sounds really cool. Like the hardmode optional areas, or a tiered exploration zone.

  • Admin [DM]

    Sounds like a fun idea for quests where it makes sense, we have had similar set ups in the past and I know it is planned for Ants. But, right now there are other things which are more prioritized, however so most likely wont happen in the near future. 🙂 Feel free to post some Quest suggestions where these kind of set ups would work.

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