Game Mechanics Changes

  • Be sure to check your character token for more up to date changes.

    We now uses haks on City of Arabel. Please see Hak information here: viewforum.php?f=546


    Clerics and paladins, in order to pray for their spells, must now have a valid deity in their deity field, which is appropriate for their alignment. Exceptions may be approved by DMs; same process as faction or DM-approved subrace or PrC approval. Druids cannot wear metal armor, with the exception of druids of Mieliki but they are restricted to medium metal armors, or lighter.


    Familiars are greatly reduced in power. They have had removed their damage reduction, their regeneration, and spell like abilities. They have penalties to skills they were given for the OC, like Disable Device and Open Lock. They are not tanks, or mages, or rogues. They are companions and friends. We may add PHB-like bonuses to them in the future. (For example, in the PHB, one familiar is +2 reflex saves to its owner, another is +2 con).

    Familiars were also modified to have a new appearances.


    Armor and armor enhancement bonuses have been 'merged' through scripting. Mage armor, bracers of armor, and both the base and bonus part of armor is supposed to be all one type, and will be treated as such by the engine now. So if you had leather armor +1, bracers of armor AC3, and mage armor all running, you'd only be at +4 AC total, because all those sources overlap. Other types are still cumulative, like natural, deflection, and doge. (And of those, dodge stacks, the others overlap similar bonuses o the same type).


    The time a game hour lasts has been doubled to four minutes. This means hour/level spells are much more useful than the turn/level spells now.


    We have automatic deletion available. Yes, you can kill off your characters for good and clear your account. Just speak to the beam of light or Riautu Ekr'tust in the fugue.

    Note: this is irreversible.

    Note: if you have multiple characters with the exact same name, please note that this will destroy all of them. (Only one was probably playable anyhow)


    Since the script that restored spells to the logout state caused a lot of lag and even TMIs in some cases, I have set the module for a somewhat harsher stance which will not cause lag.

    If you cast a spell spontaneously OR changed your spellbook after casting some spells, ALL of your spells will be stripped when you log back in.

    Now that I got you confused, here are some examples:

    Cathy Cleric goes on a quest, casts some spells but no spontaneous cure spells. She crashes then, and logs back in. All spells will return to what they were.
    Then her memorized cure spells run out, and she casts a few spontaneously. She crashes again, and this time the spell remover has a problem since it does not know what spell to remove. The old version checked for an available spell of the same level, which worked, but caused the bouts of lag and TMIs you noticed. The new version says "Sorry Cathy, but the benefit of many is worth more than the benefit of one Cathy, even if the 'many' are idling in the market". All spells are removed to prevent the lag issue.

    The same applies to Willy Wizard who casts, say, Ghostly Visage and then exchanges the spell in his spell book for Bulls Strength. When he logs back in, the script tries to remove a GV spell which is not in his book any more. To prevent exploits, I remove ALL spells.


    • Pickpocket has a penalty applied to successive attempts, that lasts a minute.
    • You can no longer pickpocket from PCs who are under level 4
    • You can no longer pickpocket items heavier than 3 lbs
    • Items in stacks larger than 1 will only permit you to steal one of that stack

    These changes are now in effect.


    Emotes: Your emote wand is now on the craft skill radial menu. Additional, relavent skill rolls players have been asking for have been added(appraise, bluff, intimidate, etc).

    Paladin Aura of Courage is now a persistent, invisible aura. All allies (including party members and associates) gain a +4 bonus to Will saves vs fear if within 5m. Use is automatic, 100% to PHB. Badge removed.

    Detect evil tool removed. Ignore what is bellow.
    Paladin detect evil now works on the emote wand as well. You must stand still and not cast any spells, use any abilities, or enter combat or your concentration will be broken. Otherwise works as previously.

    Paladins: We now have 4 corner alignment Paladins available on Arabel. Please see the Player Resource forum information: viewtopic.php?t=77525

    Ranger tracking is now on the emote, and can be used in shifted form (in case you are polymorphed or a druid/shifter/ranger multiclass).

    Picking up Items: Whenever you acquire an item from the ground, a container, or a creature, others can see what you are acquiring (unless you successfully pickpocketed the target, and then the engine will determine the roll). There is a toggle on the emote radial to try and steal small objects from containers in front of other players' view. This will force an opposed Pick Pocket/Spot check against all who can see you within a specified range.


    Only one individual need carry a rope/climbing gear for an entire party.

    Standard rope/gear will provide a +4 to climb checks for everyone in the party, in order to reflect the fact that you're helping one another to navigate the cliff face etc.

    While a tying rope is a more specialized braid, not necessarily suited to the rough work of clambering across outcrops, it can work in a pinch, thus providing a +2 party-wide bonus.

    This is either or. It's not cumulative.
    If you notice that it is cumulative, please let us know as that would be a bug.


    Multiple items with the same ability score or skill bonus will no longer stack, nor will any spell that grants ability score bonuses stack with items.

    It works by applying a penalty to items that would otherwise stack, and and expanded spellhook. These penalties remain until you unequip all similar items and re-equip the one with the penalty attached (and the penalty will then disappear). If any subraces are affected, send me PM.

    Barbarian Rage is unaffected, as it is an exception to the rule.


    Healkits and medicine bags have been changed.

    Medicine Bags will now:

    NOT heal people

    Cure poison and disease

    Stop bleeding people from bleeding and give them 1hp

    Apply longterm care when used on another

    Healkits will now:

    Heal people if you beat a DC of 10

    Cure poison and disease

    Stop bleeding people from bleeding and give them 1hp

    Apply longterm care when used on another

    The difference between the different types of healkits is as followed:
    (heal roll in the following list means 'd20 + Healskill - 10')

    +1 - Will heal the 'heal roll' at 1hp per round

    +3 - Will heal the 'heal roll' times 3 at 2hp per round

    +6 - Will heal the 'heal roll' times 6 at 4hp per round

    +10 - Will heal the 'heal roll' times 10 at 6hp per round

    This means that if you roll a 12 and have a heal skill of 9 you would heal 11HP if you used a +1 kit, 33HP with a +3 kit, 66HP with a +6 kit and 110HP with a +10kit.

    Healing no longer stacks, so you can't apply several kits in succession to get faster healing.

    Longterm care
    You get longterm care either by having someone else apply a healkit or medicine bag on you and succeeding the roll, by taking a nice long bath in one of various baths, or by resting in some of the more luxorious inns.

    If you rest while longterm care is active on you you will heal up to half of you maximum HP while resting. So stop smelling bad and take those baths.


    Among other changes, the respawning has been changed.

    There is a delay when respawning in the fugue of 180 seconds to help prevent griefers from returning too quickly, and to encourage people to roleplay their death a little. This amount of time may be adjusted in the future (perhaps increasing with number of deaths, etc), as needed. You may respawn at corpse, in a temple inside the city or in a temple outside the city. Roleplay the choice accordingly.

    Someone killed in PvP now has to wait an half hour before he can respawn. The raise spells can still be used immediately. This was done to prevent PvP victims from immediately returning to the point where they died and accusing their attackers.


    Those who listened to the grapevine probably heard that someone managed to create a character with wings and a tail without DM permission. This was done by using a third party software to create the character.

    The use of this editor will cause us to erase the whole account folder since it is not possible to seek out the actual character. If you see someone who created a character with wings, tails or freaky skin inform him politely to seek out the Server Issues forum and ask for a deletion of the character (unless of course he DOES have DM permission).
    Be polite, since the program advertises its features as a great benefit for the community it may be possible that the player is unaware he may not use it here - while an entry has been added to the sign in the Road To Arabel, he can only read this AFTER the damage has been done.

    Arrows, Bolts, and bullets can now be enchanted with all the magic/flame/bless/etc type spells.


    Animal Companions
    The charisma of your character will make your animal companion stronger/weaker as follows:

    This only counts for BASE stats, not from buffs.

  • Spell and Domain Changes


    An undead creature will join your party as henchman until destroyed. If cast on a player corpse of a player that is online at the casting time, the power of the creature will depend on level and class of the deceased. If you have spell focus necromancy, the creature created will be a duplicate of the PC you animated, but undead, complete with equipment, feats, skills, and spells. While animated, the PC cannot be raised or respawn. A True Ressurrection cast on the PC will destroy the summon. Additionnaly, animating a corpse dispels invisibility on the caster. It is possible to have many undead minions at the same time.


    99% movement speed reduction, but attacks each round instead of once


    Bigby spells: instead of knockdowns, most implement movement speed decreases.


    Per PHB, except, sword no longer visible. Attacks enemy nearest to the caster automatically. Still requires concentration.


    Blindness now lasts one hour per level.


    All damaging cantrips do 1d4+1 damage.


    Does 1d10 electrical damage per caster level, up to 10d10. It strikes every creature within a set radius of the target excluding the caster. It will only work outdoors and in rainy or snowy weather.


    First target is affected by full damage, modified by reflex saving throw. Any other targets are affected by 1/2 damage, modified by reflex saving throw.


    To enhance the usefulness of this spell, duration and skill increases have been doubled.


    The duration of this spell has been increased to 20 rounds + (1 round / level) to increase its usefulness in CoA's low-level setting.


    The power of the summon has been reduced to better match Arabel, casting these spells will shift a non-evil caster towards evil.


    Both of these are changed to 1d4 fire damage with a duration of 1 minute/level.

    Additionally, the elemental damage type can now be modified with reagents.


    Darkness grants 50% concealment to everyone inside. Additionally PCs inside are blinded and receive the temporary feat Hide In Plain Sight while they are inside the darkness area of effect. NPCs inside suffer from a 50% miss chance, -4 to AB and -2 to AC if they are not immune to blindness (this simulates a blindness effect without completely blowing up their AI).

    Note: A blinded creature is subject to sneak attacks, this means you will be able to sneak attack PCs and DMPossessed NPCs in darkness. You'll have to take advantage of HIPS to get sneak attacks on NPCs in darkness.

    Ultravision is only usable in non-magical darkness (and thus does not negate the effects of this spell). True seeing will not see through this spell either.


    This spell affects only a single target creature, as per PHB.


    Drown is magical, not bludgeoning, damage


    Lasts as per endure and protection from.


    Firebrand is now very isaac's missile storm like – basically it is like that, but 15 missile limit.

    The spell "Firebrand" now grants the target the same Reflex save as does a Fireball. A successful save halves the damage.


    The Flare spell now causes the target to suffer -2 AB instead of -1 AB


    Stun increased to 2 rounds


    Duration extended from 1d6+2 rounds to 1d8+3


    The duration of this spell has been doubled.


    Enhancement bonus of +1/4 caster levels rounding down. Duration 1 hour/level.


    Due to several possible exploits, Greater sanctuary has been changed. It will work now like an invisibility spell, but with 100% concealment and the ability to pass through other creatures. See Invisible, True Seeing and related spells will be able to counter this spell now.

    To make up for the losses, the duration is 1.5 turns per level.


    At the request of our higher monsters, the Harm spell has been changed. It will now damage the target for ten points per level of the caster, up to 150 points. A successful Will save will halve that amount.
    The target will never go lower than one hit point.


    The Holy Aura spell now casts Holy Aura or Unholy Aura, depending on the alignment of the cleric. Neutral clerics cannot cast this spell.


    No saving throw. Deafness for 2d4 rounds


    Fort save vs slow for 1d4 rounds


    This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. 3d6 impact damage + 2d6 cold damage. The spell also have a chance to stun and slow those who are hit if they fail extra saving throws.


    Missile Storm: never does more than 1d6 per missile. Missiles count only once against SR or mantles, and are more evenly distributed.

    ILMS bug should be fixed, Damage at 1d4 per missile.


    Duration now 2 minute/level
    Blunt weapons can have 'keen' spell applied to them, this is to simulate the 'impact' spell from NWN2


    The duration of this spell has been set to last twice your caster level in rounds.


    If the victim takes damage and fails a fortitude save they will be dazed for one round.


    Mage armor is now a +4 armor bonus, per the PHB.


    Your animal companion will receive bonuses or penalties based on your character's base charisma. This does not currently work with subraces. Table below. Subject to change in the future since we expect some animals will be horribly overpowered for a level 9 druid with awaken and 18 Cha.

    6 Charsima: -2 Con, -2 Dex, -2 Str, -2 Wis
    7 Charsima: -2 Dex, -2 Str, -2 Wis
    8 Charsima: -2 Str, -2 Wis
    9 Charsima: -2 Wis
    10 Charisma: No change
    11 Charisma: +2 Wis
    12 Charisma: +2 Wis, +2 Dex
    13 Charisma: +2 Wis, +2 Dex, +2 Str
    14 Charisma: +2 Wis, +2 Dex, +2 Str, +2 Con
    Every level over 14: An additional +1 Str/Dex/Con/Wis


    Enhancement bonus of +1/4 levels rounding down


    The duration of this spell has been doubled


    per PHB; except, sword no longer visible. Attacks enemy nearest to the caster automatically. Does not count as a summon


    PhK should properly register as Fear and Mind-Affecting, not mind-affecting solely.


    The clerical "Planar Ally" spell now behaves like the arcane version, meaning the summoned ally needs to be convinced to stay and fight for the caster.

    The Planar Ally spell now requires a gold donation for the summoned creature (100gp per hit die) that can be reduced with a sucessful CHA check.


    This spell now works with chat commands and allows a much wider variety of forms than the original NWN version of the spell. If you do not use a chat command to cast it, the default form is a pixy.

    The chat command to choose the form is .ps The chat command to choose the form and cast the spell is .ps !

    A list of available forms and additional informations can be found here.

    Some forms require that you have the feat spell focus transmutation or greater spell focus transmutation to be taken. You can find which by reading the script (look for the nFeatTier variable) or by trying out IG.


    There is a mangled corpse which represents any form of non-whole body. Death spells and PCs taking heavy damage upon death will produce this type of corpse instead of a standard player corpse. Lost corpses due to crashes, restarts, and logging out while holding a PCT will also be recreated as mangled corpses. This represents the passage of time and decay of the body. Raise dead spells will not work on these corpses - only resurrection or true resurrection.

    Raise dead now requires a small diamond as a material component when cast on another PC. Resurrection requires a large diamond. When the deceased and the raising cleric have more than one step difference in alignment, there is a chance for failure. Failure is guaranteed for opposing alignments.

    Raise Dead/Resurection cast from a scroll nolonger checks for alignment and needs no component.

    True resurrection, castable by certain NPC clerics, no longer requires a corpse.


    This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. It now requires a ranged touch attack rather than automatically hitting.


    This spell now lasts for one round for every caster level plus three. IE a level 4 caster will have this spell last for 7 rounds.


    This spell lasts now 1 turn per level.



    Summon Monster Spells have been over hauled. There are now several Themes of Summon Monster spells. You can find them all!

    Themes exist based on certain dieties, certain feats, certain items, certain races.

    All Themes have an order of precedent, so do be careful if you find an item that overwrites your current Theme. It may not work, depending on the order of precedence. IE Themes based on gods should have precedent over Themes based on your race.

    If you notice any problems with any of the Summons send a bug report immediately. This is especially true if you notice a Summons that is far too strong for its level or far too weak. For the most part, I nerfed nothing except the Celestial Direbear since it was as strong as a Summon Monster 8 spell is suppose to be.

    The Default Theme will now summon only Infernal and Celestial animals. No outsiders. So if you see someone cast a spell and summon a demon, he summoned a demon.

    Finally, there are special "regeants" in game. These are items that interact with your ability to cast a Summon Monster Spell. All regeants take precedent over everything else. They are used automatically, and taken from your inventory based on which one is found first by the script. They are followed by an emote so you know what happens an dyour caster acts it out.

    The big use I see, is 1) wizards can roleplay researching regeants now 2) necromancers can carry regeants to hide what they normally summon in case "guests" are around 3) it adds an air of total randomness and shock when you cast Summon Monster I expecting a celestial badger and you get a ghost.

    Again, any bugs at all, post a report ASAP. I will fix it as quickly as I can. There are a few bonus Easter Eggs too involving certain items that can change your Theme that are DM given, and one item in game will allow you to increase the duration and number of summons you can have out at one time.

    Finally, Spell Focus Conj and Greater Focus Conj will now increase duration and max summons. So have fun!


    I revamped the Summon reagents to allow the caster more control over what gets used up. Now, you can target the reagent you want to use with the PC mode toggle. If it is a reagent suitable to change your summon theme, it will get used up during the next casting of a summon spell.

    What reagent has which result is something best asked in game.


    These do not only last 1 min/level, but they also grant damage reductions of 10/+5, 15/+5, 20/+5 instead of 10/+5, 20/+5, 30/+5 like the game description says. And they ALL can absorb up to 150 damage (10 damage/lvl).


    Duration extended from 1d3 rounds to 2d3 rounds.


    Tenser's Transfomation now functions without a polymorph effect. You still fail all spells and all activated items while under the effect.


    This spell now conveys see invisibility, ultravision, immunity to phantasmal killer and weird, and the ability to see magically-hidden secret doors. Also grants a +15 bonus to spot.

    The trickery domain has been adjusted to reflect PnP a bit more and now boosts Bluff, not Persuade.


    This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. The area of effect is a 30 foot radius. Outsiders are banished. All enemy creatures and all PCs of the opposing alignment are affected. The individual effects depend upon the HD of the creatures. There is no saving through, but spell resistance applies. Good/Evil take precedence over Law/Chaos. True Neutral priests cannot cast this spell.

    Holy Word [Good]

    • 12+ HD: Deafened
    • 8-11 HD: Blinded, Deafened
    • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Blinded, Deafened
    • 1-3 HD: Killed, Undead Destroyed

    Blasphemy [Evil]

    • 12+ HD: Dazed
    • 8-11 HD: Weakened, Dazed
    • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Wakened, Dazed
    • 1-3 HD: Killed

    Dictum [Lawful]

    • 12+ HD: Deafened
    • 8-11 HD: Deafened, Slow
    • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Deafened, Slow
    • 1-3 HD: Killed

    Chaos Word [Chaotic]

    • 12+ HD: Deafened
    • 8-11 HD: Deafened, Stunned
    • 4-7 HD: Confused, Deafened, Stunned
    • 1-3 HD: Killed

  • Favoured Weapons

    Due to the unfortunate limitations of NwN's weapons list some deitys favoured weapons can't be found in game. We have put together a list of replacements for these deitys.

    The list is only of any real importance to the Divine Champion PrC and Druids, but it is nice for people to have the choice.

    Major Pantheon
    Azuth - Quarterstaff
    Bane - Morningstar
    Chauntea - Scythe
    Cyric - Longsword
    Eilistraee - Bastard Sword
    Gond - Warhammer
    Helm - Bastard Sword
    Ilmater - Unarmed Strike, Quarterstaff (DC)
    Kelemvor - Bastard Sword
    Kossuth - Spiked Chain -> Heavy Flail
    Lathander - Mace
    Lloth/Lolth - Dagger
    Malar - Claw Bracer/Unarmed, Spear (DC)
    Mask - Longsword
    Mielikki - Scimitar
    Mystra - Shuriken, Dagger (DC)
    Oghma - Longsword
    Selune - Mace
    Shar - Chakram -> Shuriken, Short Sword (DC)
    Shaundaukul - Greatsword
    Silvanus - Maul -> Warhammer
    Sune - Whip
    Talos - Spear
    Tempus - Battleaxe
    Torm - Greatsword
    Tymora - Shuriken, Longsword (DC)
    Tyr - Longsword
    Umberlee - Trident, Spear(Champion)
    Uthgar - Battleaxe
    Waukeen - Nunchaku -> Light Flail

    Minor Pantheon
    Akadi - Heavy Flail
    Auril - Battleaxe
    Beshaba - Scourge -> Whip
    Deneir - Dagger
    Edath - Net(unarmed Strke), Quarterstaff (DC)
    Finder Wyvernspur - Bastard Sword
    Garagos - Double-sword
    Gargauth - Dagger
    Grumbar - Warhammer
    Gwaeron Windstrom - Greatsword
    Hoar - Javelin -> Spear
    Ishtishia - Warhammer
    Jergal - Scythe
    Llira - Shuriken, Rapier (DC)
    Loviatar - Scourge -> Whip
    Lurue - Spear
    Milil - Rapier
    Nobanion - Heavy Pick -> Battleaxe
    Red Knight - Longsword
    Savras - Dagger
    Sharess - Claw Bracer/Unarmed, Dagger(DC)
    Shiallia - Quarterstaff
    Siamorphe - Mace
    Talona - Unarmed, Dagger (DC)
    Tiamat - Heavy Pick -> Battleaxe
    Ubtao - Heavy Pick -> Battleaxe
    Ulutiu - Spear
    Valkur - Cutlass -> Rapier
    Velsharoon - Quarterstaff

    Dwarven Pantheon
    Abbathor - Dagger
    Berronar - Mace
    Clangeddin - Battleaxe
    Duerra - Battleaxe
    Dugmaren - Short Sword
    Dumathoin - Maul -> Warhammer
    Gorm - Battleaxe
    Haela - Greatsword
    Laduguer - Warhammer
    Marthammor - Mace
    Moradin - Warhammer
    Sharindlar - Whip
    Thard Harr - Spiked Gauntlet/Unarmed, Spear (DC)
    Vergadain - Longsword

    Elven Pantheon
    Aerdrie - Quarterstaff
    Angharradh - Spear
    Corellon - Longsword
    Deep Sashelas - Trident, Spear(DC)
    Erevan - Short Sword
    Fenmarel - Dagger
    Hanali - Dagger
    Labelas - Quarterstaff
    Rillifane - Quarterstaff
    Sehanine - Quarterstaff
    Sheverash - Longbow, Longsword(DC)
    Solonor - Longbow, Dagger (DC)

    Gnome Pantheon
    Baervan - Spear -> Handaxe (spears aren't usable by gnomes in NWN)
    Baravar - Dagger
    Callarduran - Battleaxe
    Flandal - Warhammer
    Gaerdal - Warhammer
    Garl - Battleaxe
    Segojan - Mace
    Urdlen - Claw Bracer/Unarmed, Sickle (DC)

    Halfling Pantheon
    Arvoreen - Short Sword
    Brandobaris - Dagger
    Cyrrollalee - Quarterstaff .> Club (NWN size thing again)
    Sheela - Sickle
    Urogalan - Light Flail
    Yondalla - Short Sword

    Mulhorandi Pantheon
    Anhur - Falchion -> Scimitar
    Geb - Quarterstaff
    Hathor - Short Sword
    Horus Re - Ankh -> Mace
    Isis - Punch Dagger, Dagger (DC)
    Nephthys - Whip
    Osiris - Light Flail
    Sebek - Spear
    Set - Spear
    Thoth - Quarterstaff

  • @Barbarian:

    Barbarian rage has been changed slightly from the standard Bioware rage. The changes are as follow (everything not mentionned here is still standard):

    Barbarian Rage duration: 5 rounds / Barbarian level

    Additional bonus: 25% Damage Immunity Bludgeoning ( at level 4 )
    [Only works in Light or Medium Armor]

    Additional bonus: 25% Damage Immunity Slashing ( at level 6 )
    [Only works in Light or Medium Armor]

    Additional bonus: 25% Damage Immunity Piercing ( at level 8 )
    [Only works in Light or Medium Armor]

    Note: Additional bonuses are cumulative

    Barbarian Rage was further improved with the addition of Totem Animals.

  • @Ranger:

    The Ranger Favored Enemy has been changed slightly from the standard Bioware Favored Enemey. The changes are as follow (everything else not mentionned here is still standard):

    Dodge AC Bonus against favored enemy: +2 Dodge AC for each of the ranger's favored enemy.
    [Only applies if the person is Pure Ranger (Not multiclassed)]

  • Paladin Summon Mount

    This ability no longer summons a mount due to the module's inability to handle mounts. Instead, you summon creature based on your alignment with half your Hit Dice as a companion. For companion info, see Paladin page: viewtopic.php?t=77525

    Bard Song/Curse Song

    Many bard songs and curse songs with new effects are now available. To use those new songs, you need to acquire scrolls that lets you learn those songs. Those scrolls lets you switch between the standard bard/curse song and the song written on them.

  • Pure Class Bonuses


    Ranger - reflex save increased to high progression, tumble and disable traps ranks doubled to simulate class skill. +1 bonus to spot, listen and search increasing to +2 at level 5 and +3 at level 10.

    Monk - can now select a style that will give various bonuses. Multiclass needed in some cases. viewtopic.php?t=153329

    Fighter - can select a kit that gives different bonuses per kit. Only 1 kit per fighter and must be pure class. See Fighter class page for info viewtopic.php?t=152755

    Pure Class Items
    Several items in Game are Pure Class Only. It should be noted in the description of the item. These items are to be used by Pure Class characters only.

  • Tumble

    You get a dodge AC bonus from tumble only if your modified tumble is at least as high as your trained ranks in tumble.

    Example: If you invest five skill points in the tumble skill on a 12 Dexterity character, you will have a modified tumble of 6 (Higher than 5), and gain +1 AC from the tumble in a robe. But if you put on fullplate, your armor check penalty will reduce your modified tumble to -2 (Lower than 5) and you will no longer receive an AC bonus.

  • Abjuration School
    Having "Spell focus: Abjuration" and "Greater spell focus: Abjuration" will allow the following spells to be casted as if 2 and 4 levels higher, respectively:

    • Shield

    • Lesser Dispel (only +1/+2 for this spell)

    • Dispel Magic

    • Minor Globe of invulnerability

    • Greater dispelling

    • Lesser Spell Mantle

    • Globe of Invulnerability

    These caster levels are added after the caster'cap for the dispels is calculated allowing you to go over it, i.e. a level 4 wizard with greater spell focus abjuration will have a +6 on his roll when casting lesser dispel.

  • Prestige Classes

    From now pretty much all PrC's requirements were removed, meaning, if you have a roleplay that fits and earns a determined PrC, you may be able to level up on that at early levels without the crazy requirements that were standart. Concept away!


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Druid Wildshape

    Upon gaining the wildshape ability at level 5 Druid, you can now set custom shapes to the 5 shapes available with the ability by using the craft menu.

    • Craft menu
      – Set Custom Wildshape (or something similar)
      -- Set Bear shape
      ---- choose from the list of animals. Some more powerful shapes are only available at level 8 druid or higher. Currently, beetles and giant spider shape are application only.
      Repeat for badger, wolf, boar and panther shape.

    For more information, see the Wiki Page.

  • Animate Undead

    As some of you may have noticed, animate undead has been modified.

    • It will now allow the creation of a single undead.

    • Having Spell focus: necromancy will allow special undead through the use of common reagents.

    • Having Greater spell focus: necromancy will allow a second undead.

    • There are ten new powerful undead that can be created from rare reagents.

    New recipes have been introduced, especially divine, like cures, divine favor, divine shielding and so on, and prices have been adjusted, making a divine brewer very viable.

    The levels of some potions have been modified despite what the description says. This only applies to potions created by a brewer:

    • Bless - caster level 8.

    • Aid - caster level 5.

    • Divine favor - caster level 6.

    • Divine shielding (aka shield of faith) - caster level is 5, but the bonus AC is fixed at 4, instead of 2.

    The following spells have been modified:

    • Aid - +2 to ab and 3d8 temporary hit points.

    • Resistance - +2 to universal saves, and duration of 4 turns.

    • Deafening Clang - Duration at 1 turn/level instead of 1 round/level

    As always, if you encounter a bug, let us know.


    Change to Animate dead.

    Animating player corpses now makes exact (undead) copies of the character animated, complete with levels (multiclasses included) gear, feats, skills, spells, etc. It doesn't copy their consumables though. You need spell focus necromancy to achieve this however.

    Animated dead can now be left behind using a dot command


    They will be removed from your party and then essentially be 'monster's like the random spawns you find around the server.

    By targeting an item with your PC Mode switch, then using the dot command .equipsummon while near them, you can now give any item you like to animated dead, (armour and weapons will be equipped if possible) and it will not be lost when they die, or if they are removed from your party. I don't advice using .staydead with this unless you don't care about the items you gave them (OR, if the items you gave them are say, notes, or other interesting or plot related items you want other people to find on their body -though I am not 100% sure this will work, feel free to test it). If you use the leave party command on them they will de-summon leaving the items you gave them on the floor, same if they die.

  • Sorceror Bloodlines are in the making. We will keep you updated on this.

  • Lycanthropy no-longer offers Regeneration.

  • Cat familiars have been disabled for balance reasons.

    This is a temporary fix. We may or may not introduce a new familiar system, at some point.

  • I wrote in a major rehaul of the Squiggles/Parasite system about six months ago. Now that I'm back and have time, I put the changes in the module.

    Squiggles are no longer No Drop items. Meaning, you can find them on quests or purchase them from shops, once in your inventory you can trade them or sell them as you wish. The first time you use them though, they are going to INFEST you, and at that point will become No Drop and a permanent part of your inventory.

    Search devices should no longer detect if you have squiggles.

    You can buy/find Psionic Leeches that reduce some of the effects of having too many parasites (which can still be lethal in some cases as before though one or two should still not run a chance of killing your character). These leeches aren't a great means of protection, but they're there!

    If you want a better form of protection from the harm the parasites/squiggles do–well there are certainly some foul and nasty NPCs in the world who just may know a way or two if you're willing to pay their prices.

    You want a squiggle removed or are afraid your best friend sold his body to nasty creatures of foul realms in return for the power of a parasite, you can find (and later buy once they're added to some shops) a Chirurgery Knife. Use this knife on a PC and pass a Heal check to determine if they have a parasite, if they do you have 12 seconds to use the knife on them again to try to cut it out. This is a horrible and painful and barbaric process, it will hurt the target and can even kill them if you aren't a skilled healer. There are no other known means to remove a parasite/squiggle.

    Discuss changes here if you feel like it.


    Report bugs in the proper forum though.

  • Change to Animate dead.

    Animating player corpses now makes exact (undead) copies of the character animated, complete with levels (multiclasses included) gear, feats, skills, spells, etc. It doesn't copy their consumables though. You need spell focus necromancy to achieve this however.

  • Alchemist Fire recipe should be working for alchemy after v1977

  • Some changes to Dark Moon monk style, and the Bravo fighter kit. Check the relevant pages in the player resources>Classes section for further information.

  • Magical spells which can be used to enchant weapons can now be used on gloves and gauntlets. Let me know if you run across any problems with it.