Reminder About Too Good to Be True Things!

  • Folks, please help us out sometimes. DMs don't get to play or quest nearly as much as most of you, so sometimes we miss things in the module that are clearly bugs that are too beneficial to players.

    Lately, I've noticed some things that are simply way too good to be true that players are taking advantage of without ever questioning why its that good.

    The Fighter Only Item Discipline is the BEST healing item in game, more useful than Cure Critical Wounds potions and at less than 1/100 the cost per charge and HP healed. That's simply too good. When I did the math, this item was still TWICE as powerful as a Wand of Cure Serious Wounds for HALF the cost. Stuff like that needs to be pointed out to us.

    On Kanthea's quest, the malar panthers that died dropped claws that you could turn into a separate NPC to sell for 50 gold and 50 xp. Now, why would the DMs want a monster that usually gives you 7-14 XP on a quest to give you a 50 gold/xp reward when you turn in the claw afterwards? I'm sure some people used this to rapidly level up–but again--TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    So please, if you're finding things like this that are just splendid tools for leveling up or questing that are vastly better than anything else, we want you to tell us. The fact is, sometimes we misjudge just how powerful something is or haven't done the quest ourselves to realize how easy it is or thoroughly tested polymorph to see how it works in every situation. When things are not balanced, we rely on players to help us figure that out.

  • Anyone should realize that 9th level scrolls are too good to be true.

  • This is a not so gentle reminder about this. If you have been participating in anything over the last several weeks that looking back on you might feel was too good to be true, I'd ask that you contact a DM relatively quickly so that we don't have to delete your character.

  • I'm bumping this because I have names, and I'd like to give those players the chance to come forward before I dig in their vaults.

  • Coming forward will give much more leeway than trying to hide it.

  • If you're getting to sell items to NPC Merchants for anything over one thousand gold, its probably a too good to be true thing you should have reported the DM team.

  • Just to add to this, we have logs. So it's best you report this if you've been able to do so.

  • Guys, this OBVIOUSLY applies to buying for a little over a thousand gold a scroll that gives you a +5 weapon/Spell Resistance/and OnHit Dispel for 17 rounds. If you're someone who was abusing these, please contact a DM. We'll take the scrolls and refund the gold you spent buying them.

  • Admin [DM]

    Just a reminder that 1d6 gems are too good to be true and should be reported to the DMs, same with any gem that gives your weapon that OMG IT IS SO AMAZINGLY SHINY I LOVE IT effect. This also goes for items you see at merchants which are being sold REALLY cheap, please do not post it on the bug forums as that can lead to exploit. Anything that is too good to be true should be reported in the exploit forum, please remember this. Any "too good" gems will be replaced with a similar balanced one.

  • Reminder again. Server is still in baby boots in some parts, and you may find Too Good to be True situations popping about. This may be anything from finding readily available +1 weapons/armour, to an excessively rewarding or exploitably-easy quest, or anything else. Get in touch. It's always better that way.

  • Admin [DM]

    I'm quite upset to having to bump this, but it appears it is needed.

  • Admin [DM]

    Please remember to report these things, we want everyone to have a fair chance in having fun and enjoying the game. Finding things like this and abusing them is not fair on anyone, it is far better to report it when you discover it than keep quiet and use it for your own advantage cause you will be found out. This is a game and we want people to have a fair chance, even if you are not sure just ask a DM what they think! If you know you have used something like this, do not be afraid to report it, it is far better that you tell us than we contacting -you- about what you are doing.

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