Shaundra: The Awakened

  • Precept Arcanum

    As you have likely learned from the reports, Shaundra is the name of the unfortunately awakened child. Her powers given to her in the spur of a dream, and acted upon without her knowledge. The Child was chased into our realm by an entity beyond our own and acted with what little control she could to fashion powerful wards strong enough to hold back an incursion of shadow beings.

    There was a lose of life and damage to the area, this cannot be disputed, what can is her intent. The child remained there to maintain the wards to prevent the creatures passage into the area. She had no malicious intent, she was worried that she might hurt others and would not leave until the shadows were gone.

    This child, has potential. She created wards of strength well beyond her years, and with training and time she could aid the cities own defenses! We need this more than ever, with Rogabash The Arch mage gone, the mage tower in disarray there is no one to protect the city from threats of the magical variety.

    This child, is an investment. I Believe she should be punished, but not destroyed. Five years of confinement to the Sanctum Precept, twenty years mandatory service to the city of Arabel and the Precept may pay a tithe to the Church of Tymora for damages and lose of life. To slay the child, who had no choice in this matter, no say, is akin to putting a bolt of lightning from a storm on trial. This was an act far beyond the child's understanding. The Precept was formed to find those that can improve the cities might through the use of those gifted it through chance.

    This is that chance Councilors.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari.

  • If she was five years older I would likely be taking a harsher stance, but I believe your stance with her is the correct one. Just remember children need both firmness and love to grow into good adults.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • You have my support Naresh if there is aught that Lathander can provide reach out to me. I would like to meet this child.

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • Soppi.

    What if this dangerous mage had awoken in your redwood and burnt that and brought creatures of undeath? Would you be advocating for them then?

    This is what the city suffered from them.

    It is not unreasonable to wish a trial so the people see justice done

  • Black Clover Society

    I have problems with the notion of her usefulness being demonstrated during the incident.

    One cannot argue that she was consciously protecting people and simultaneously not responsible for the destruction that she wrought upon the City while creating those "protections." Both of those things cannot be simultaneously true.

    People died and homes were destroyed, and if the commonfolk demand her punished I do not think they will be convinced that this is the correct solution. Perhaps it will blow over. I hope that it does and do believe it is in the cities best interest at this point to see it done with quietly so we can move onto more pressing matters.

    -Levi Drago

  • Precept Arcanum

    And I believe you are trying to reason this from the viewpoint of how a wizard uses magic to the molding of the weave done by a sorcerer. Neither could teach the other as they are distinctly different entities, a wizard has decades of training approaching the weave as one does a equation. A sorcerer paints with it, pulling at the weave itself to make something come into form. I understand your thought pattern Drago, but this isn't a wizard nor is her powers likely to operate like ones..

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh

  • If this had happaned in the Redwood I likely be starting a replanting project and wonder what in the nine hells to do with a child who has no clue what she can do, and the power to destroy armies. We are fortunate that Naresh has sensible plan will turn her into a real asset in five years, rather than a just problum with a large bill attached.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Naresh's plan is to "settle" and sweep it under the rug.

    There needs to be the accountability of a trial so people see justice done even if the outcome is she is trained and serves the city.

    Otherwise you are spitting on the graves of those killed and saying their deaths do not matter as a donation will make it all go away


  • After consideration I've come round to the idea of a public if controlled trial to clear the air and ensure the public understand the why's and what's.

    Firstly the sentence of execution is off the table for sure, as she is still a child and to useful to just to throw away. Neither do I see any other organisation other than the Precept being able to train her into a respectable magi in a few years, so to them she must go.

    However how she pays and for how long she serves are very much topics with less clean cut answers and should be discussed and decided, and for that we need a impartial judge... so ideas?

    Naresh you have the best understanding of how a 'controlled trial' should be handled. Think on it and then coordinate with palace staff once while we figure out the judge.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Precept Arcanum

    A security team to vet attendees typically a quick search, and keep the crowd away from the procession when we transport the child, weapons are to be peace-knotted at all times during said trial, At least two practitioners with the ability to cast Silence, dispel and and access to sleep. I would like a majority of the Security team to be Precept, many of us are gifted cloaks to hamper casting. These are all things I would like to have in order for the trial to be safe and effective for all parties. Though I would still prefer this settled in a manner that does not put the child under undue stress so close to the incident.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Storyteller [DM]

    In working with the City Records Office and Library, I have found documentation, Shaundras family name is Gardener, Shaundra Gardener. She is twenty-five years old, and a native to Arabel.

    -Bloodhound Felix Baroot

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