Threat: Abberants in the smuggling tunnels

  • Earlier in the day I called for a patrol of the smuggling tunnels to cull the undead known to roam there and gather intelligence on the vampires said to wander the halls.

    Jazdia answered the call and we descended into the tunnels. We came across spider like beings, some with potent spell casting abilities and after slaying them one which could speak appeared and told it's young to feed on us.

    They were defeated and the one which could communicate told us they had left the tunnels for a time when the eye cult was around likely referring to Borovar and Jax. But now they had returned to trade secrets claiming many from the city traded with them. Causing Jazdia to attack it.

    Further patrols will be needed to learn why the beasts are in the tunnels and who is sharing information with them.


  • To clarify, these tunnels are west of the city yes? Towards Eveningstar and the Redwood?

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • North actually.

    You get into them by the treeline the farmer is often at with her cow.


  • A few day ago my glade told me of concerns about abberants, people talking to them and there 'little babies'. I was assuming it was towards the Helmsborder, but these spider like beings sound an awfull lot like the suspect.

    We will purge them.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    What exactly were in the smuggling tunnels, now?

    Aberrants is such a wide, broad type of creature in the sense it's literally a 'catch all' for anything bizarre and strange.

    Clerk Robinson

  • Spider looking creatures, Except they could speak. One even had a womans head on its neck. Bizzare things.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    We have found your wife, Johnson.

    Clerk Robinson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Sounds about right. Smugglers tunnels are full of all sorts of horrors.

    -Clerk Johnson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Many a clerk nods, bemoaning their 'horrible wives.'

  • Admin [DM]

    Many clerks comments that they would rather have abberations as husbands, than those who pretend they even have wives.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    the male clerks bemoan their horrible lives.

  • Councilor let us not forget as we tried to leave the tunnels the hordes of Undead that tried to surround us and keep us from escaping and what appeared to be a possible necromancer that seemed to be commanding them. Had it not been for High Dawnknight Myrkyr's brother we would not have escaped with our lives.

  • Yes.

    The undead are being looked into as well


  • I took a patrol into the tunnels yesterday evening comprising of myself, Mistress Mistari and myself.

    There were a medium amount of undead in the tunnels and no sighting of the spider like beings.

    It should be noted that the tunnels seem connected to the Goldfeather family and there is a sarcophagus where past members are buried.


  • Earlier today I led a patrol into the tunnels with Levi, We found a large number of undead, and after battle to thin them had to pull back to send for more support.

    A large number of adventurers finally came and we fought through the tunnels to a necromantic ritual, We slew several necromancers and their undead.

    The heads have been piked by the Abbey of Helm as a warning


  • Yesterday after Nethiki made a sending then departed the group went into the smuggling tunnels, we encountered a mix of foes including weak demons and shadowy undead, We seem to have been watched by a woman who dissapeared very quickly.

    As we were preparing to surface a small child appeared and told she had been instructed to give me something and dropped an amulet of Amaunator at my feet.

    As I said I believe it is connected to the vampires said to inhabit the tunnels, Though there is little actual information on this around besides they may be linked to the stonelands in some manner


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