Treasure Map Suggestion

  • IMO it needs to be scripted so you have to mechanically be holding a shovel to be able to trigger the treasure spawn.

    I just accidentally walked over a spot that I had a map for and even though I didn't have shovel equipped, it triggered the treasure and ate the map.

    It was a map I was holding for someone else too. 😞

  • Admin [DM]

    tbh seems to be a lot of hard work for a very small issue 🙂 Its much better script wise to just check if the PC has the shovel in their inventory. If you don't want to trigger maps, its best to be careful where you go.

  • @Puffy Hey Puffy, I looked at the script and it's not a lot of work to do this really, and, in fact, it would make the check for the shovel a lot less processor intensive (not that it matters on this kind of scale - you just mentioned it being "better" script wise so I assumed you meant efficiency?)

    Currently, it searches every item in the players inventory, if it finds a bag, it checks it's contents for the shovel too, that's a whole lotta looping through items when you could just check at worst, the two hand inventory slots.

    I am aware I just volunteered to do this though...

    It's not at the top of my list, but, as it's a pretty small script change, I might get it done when working on something else, possibly.

    Don't hold your breath

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