Eastway - Calantar's Road Shortcut

  • Small transition suggestion that will make navigating this area easier.
    alt text

  • That would put two transitions to the same place within a few feet of each other. Not sure personally how that would help anything.

  • Admin [DM]

    Unlikely to happen due to the nearby transition, maybe if we add another area in between in the future.

  • There is an area in between. The current transition takes you to Arabel Historic District, just you skirt round the edge of the outside of the walls.

    The proposed transition would allow you to go around the city walls entirely, and in my mind, make a lot more sense, due to consistency (all other city walls transitions move around to the next "outskirts" area, this one takes you technically back into the city area.

  • This would be great for those exiled from the city or people tries to avoid the city entirely. The underground tunnels are great but there is no going around the city without having to walk straight up at the front gate, or go through Bospir.

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