Scarlet Syndicate

    • Sell swords, their loyalty is to coin and coin alone
    • Offered their service to Obyn in the midst of our negotiations, whilst representing and serving the Council
    • Saw a business opportunity and disregarded the impact their offer had on Arabel, and the Council
    • Can be quite insulting towards the Crimsons, who they have copied in color and appearance
    • Lead by Jack Wild, other known members: Tobias Gibbs, Rhajin
    • Gives themselves noble titles such as "Viceroy" and "Archmage" regularly
    • I threw them out of the Council chamber after our return from Tilverton, a failure on my part

    Threat level: Minor, may become a real concern should they join forces with Obyn or someone worse

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • @Zool said in Beware the Scarlet Infiltrators!:

    Scattered within the alleyways, plastered onto the outsides of the city walls and nailed to a few trees around the outskirts...

    They are infiltrating the city
    Scarlet Syndicate pledged to serve Obyn
    Ask Ottilie


    This note was given to me by Dextar, it appears to have been a response to Therene's recent poster regarding Obyn.
    Not certain who made these, or for what purpose.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • In the law book under "Serious Offenses" you see the following:

    -Impersonation of Authority or Figure- Impersonation of a member of the Monarchs, Council, Nobility, Appointed Title, Factions, or Official Clergy of an Approved Faith.

    In the interest of removing any confusion amongst the populace, I propose we issue to the Scarlets a "cease and desist” order to discontinue using these unearned and fallacious titles, or face a 15,000 coin fine.

    ~Danny Steele

  • I spoke with Jack regarding this. To my understanding he has not used the false title since the discussion. If he has continued to use such, then it is obvious he has no intentions of following Arabel's laws in this manner and should be fined.

    -Sir Tiatus Thornwind, High Dawnknight of Eveningstar

  • Just yesterday I overheard him addressing an "aspirant" to his company, and she addressed him as "Viceroy".
    I believe they are suspicious of me, as he said something to the effect of, "careful, I know 'he' is listening".

    ~Danny Steele

  • Then it is obvious he has no intention of seeing this matter corrected. 15,000 coins or exile would seem appropriate but formalities are required if we are to enforce such laws within the great walls of Arabel.

    Lathander bless,

    -Sir Tiatus Thornwind, High Dawnknight of Eveningstar

  • I call for a vote on the matter.


  • agreed

  • Danny pins a copy of the following notice to the file without adding commentary

    @listen4silence said in Announcements by the Scarlet Syndicate:

    Good people of Arabel!

    After a great and arduous battle, a foul Hobgoblin menace, Yellow Pus, has been slain within the Hullack.

    Whilst others fumed and pontificated about seeking vengeance upon the beasts, We of The Scarlet Syndicate stormed the walls of it's fortified encampment, deep in the forests. We battled through hordes innumerable until we stood upon the steps of its home, interrupting dark rituals.

    We then kicked in the beasts front door, laying waste to all it's foul servants and hounded the fiend to It's throne room and cast It down, dead.

    It is here many a mercenary company or Adventurer would call it a job well done. But not The Scarlet Syndicate. For we saw the rotten fruits of the Hobgoblin ritual, a barely stable portal to parts unknown. With no heed for our own safety we ventured through, to find a staging area for an additional force of goblin-kin most foul.

    The battle that followed could have been our end, arriving in the midst of a host most foul, but our stalwart Scarlets, surrounded on all sides, slew their foes; thwarting what must surely have been a sinister plan!

    So never fear, good citizens of Arabel and the lands around. The Scarlet Syndicate is here to protect you.

    A special thank you we send to Councillor Dextar, himself having previously sworn vengeance on Yellow Puss. Dextar, whose concern for our safety bordered on gushing when he realised the Hobgoblin's Master may yet seek revenge upon one of our fine warriors, Boravar Scarlet the Mighty Bear, who struck the killing blow.

    Fear not for us Councillor, for we are not the meek.

    We are The Scarlet Syndicate.

  • I need to speak on new suspicion I have on Jack. I need to meet with Talia, Danny, Jessika, and Sir Tiatus regarding the event referenced in the bulletin.

    Dextar Jes'tar

  • Jax of the Scarlet Syndicate has failed to follow a reasonable directive by one of my knights within Eveningstar. The Scarlet continues to push and see how far they can go without being exiled from the lands his light casts upon. I have given Jack a days time to explain what has unfolded entirely.

    With recent information provided by councilor Dextar and the continual example the Scarlets make, I am confident my judgement will see them not to show face near or within Eveningstar after his response is given. I would encourage matters be put into motion to see them gone from the lands of Arabel. To seek business opportunities elsewhere and no further at the expense of our own.

    Sir Tiatus Thornwind, High Dawnknight of Eveningstar

  • My peers,
    Regarding the orcblood called Jax Crow Beak, he has continually shown he is more orc than man, twisted and evil in his actions and words. In the lawbook regarding Arabellan Citizenship, it says "People of civilized descent that do not pose an inherent risk to the Kingdom of Arabel" are protected by the law. I would say he is pushing the boundary on that definition. Depending on the outcome of Jack's excuse explanation of the orcblood's behavior, I believe it may be this Council's duty to vote on revoking Crow Beak's protections under the law.
    ~Danny Steele

  • Have they committed any crimes there is evidence for?

    The Greywatch is currently investigating if other members of the Syndicate assisted Borovar and Jax in assaulting adventurers for their eyes.

    It seems they chose only to throw them out after they were bountied for murder.


  • These two criminals are already executed for the murder of Dawn knight Muric Welton.

    Dextar Jes'tar

  • I mean the other members of the Syndicate. It should be ascertained if they assisted in Borovar and Jaxs attacks.


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