Prestige Items & Rewards

  • All prestige items should have a use outside of factions, ideally single use of a relatively useful spell.

    Prestige items should be more common.

    Prestige rewards should be juicy given how rare the items are, will post an addendum later with suggestions.

  • Yea I pretty much collect a specific one for rp reasons because it's otherwise just... useless. Has a single use spell but for how rare it is to find and how minimally effective the spell is there is no way it'll ever get used. These things are really just rp props tbh

  • I haven’t found... any except the tethgard coin. You could always use said prestige items to gain favor with PCs in said faction.

  • Admin [DM]

    The items are meant to have a chance of dropping when you kill monsters, most likely the % is much to low for it ever to happen. Have not had the time to look it over.

  • Admin [DM]

    If you have an idea for fun rewards, please post them! It is a lot of work to think of useful rewards for each faction.

  • I've never seen anything drop from killing monsters other than crafting materials. Ever.

  • @DarkDecay ohh me i like to collect Tethgard coins... just for bragging right.. ohh gems too

  • mostly seen the coins drop on quests.
    Never seen anything drop from monsters.

    saw so far only 2 placeables spawn in the wilderness with an item in. They were faction specific so I ended up trading them.

  • Presige Item ideas (On going)

    Vaylan Prestige Rewards:

    • Melee weapons other then Halberd for combat versatility, if you have spare time maybe lesser weapons based on previous iterations of famous Crimson Guards PCs or NPCs (OPTIONAL)

  • I've been considering this for a while and brought it up often in discord and with other players in conversation, which is generally well received. We should definitely fix the prestige dropping problem as it stands.

    Prestige can function as a reason for people to log on, at that point, as much as crafting currently does. The necessity would be to gate major prestige purchases behind fairly large costs. However, the rewards should be commensurate. It would take looking at the system a different way.

    If we can, I suggest decoupling faction prestige from faction membership. Then, furthermore, we can theme the rewards as something the faction might offer someone who has made significant attempt to bolster the faction despite their non-membership.

    Read, in as far as rewards go, the faction might offer rewards that would rival, or surpass faction armor. Those rewards might cost 3000 prestige or so, however. It'd make sense to make these prestige rewards a lateral replacement for tiers of faction armor (probably up to tier 3 in the faction). As well, each faction may offer a suite of equipment for 1000 prestige. These items would cover, thematic to the faction represented, the basic equipment slots like gloves, belts, boots, rings and necklaces.

    Similarly as Mortui suggested, factions should be offering thematic consumables that can not otherwise be bought in the module, but not such that they are low powered. This is a long term grind and the rewards should be suitable. They could be 1/day things without being overpowered, but it does seem like a design goal not to have items like that, so maybe have consumables offered by prestige stores for much less than the current pricing. Things like antidotes and other minor useful potions for only a couple prestige a piece.

    I'd personally be happy to create these items, I just need the blessing in taking the prestige stores in this direction before putting the work in.

  • Making prestige not faction exclusive would be the best thing ever. Factions already get kitted out in better than DM loot for doing absolutely nothing, and that's just at their lowest ranks. On top of all the benefits of their base, merchants, wage just for being online, and status and npc support.

    If prestige is going to be a thing then it will need to be more available.

    The rewards for prestige currently are just garbage. Especially for the massive cost that they have. 400 prestige is incredibly high for a lot of things that are simply never going to be used because even if it wasn't a tremendous prestige cost they simply are not good in the first place.

    If an item for prestige is super rare make it worth something. The single use mega rare 100 prestige items really should just be daily. Their spells are basic anyway. They're still not good, but they're something you can show off and have actual... prestige, from. A shiny badge really.

  • Pulled up some examples in game.

    A staff with 0, 1 spell slots. 300 prestige. That is beyond massive considering prestige items are faction locked, so some factions get prestige better than others. Considering how god awful rare it is just to get a 10 prestige item this price is madness for something that I'd expect to drop from a level 4-6 quest. I've actually seen it before in loot that 1-2 circle spell slots are mistakenly considered a big deal or valuable loot property.

    Offhand item with +2 armor bonus vs outsiders. 200 prestige. Why does this even exist? And at such a ludicrous price too.

    Offhand item with 5 charges of level 3 Barkskin, 150 prestige. This is at least a consumable but who in their right mind is going to actively go out of their way and try to grind prestige for the weeks or months that 150 prestige is going to take just for 5 charges of level 3 barkskin. 5 charges which requires being held in offhand to activate.

    These are some examples of insane prices for things that are maybe worth the asking price in gold, not prestige. Or will just never be used in the first place. There are more than that which will never be used even if they were free which I'm not listing because that's not the topic here. Even if prestige was unlocked and any prestige item could be used, and not just given to prestige at specific factions.

  • The Crimson Guard is the premiere melee faction IG but unless you are a Halberd user you are SOL on cool weapons. I'd like to see melee weapons of other types available for prestige points in the shop that correspond to your rank. Shameless Example:

    Fangs get a +1d4 sonic +1 v. human halberd
    For prestige, fangs could buy a +2 slashing +1v. human battleaxe, longsword, etc.

    I won't spoil the Scale version of the Halberd, but perhaps scales could use prestige to buy a +1 enhancement weapon with some bonus damage

    This way the favored weapon of the CG is always the Halberd and it will be the best choice, but you can still keep from missing out on some faction weapons if you go a different route.

  • Just one correction if I may. It's better be, fore example, +2 piercing longsword, or +2 slashing warhammer, due to the damage stacking mechanics. If additional damage type is the same as base damage type of the weapon then it will not stack with MW and GMW.

  • Admin [DM]

    Please write your item suggestions in a nice clear format so the DM/builder can easily read it.

    Item Type: Longsword
    Stats: 1d4 cold, +1 vs cold
    Name: Cold Stick (Optional)
    Description: Usually used by giants to cool down their brew, Cold Sticks are excellent weapons.

  • Item Type: Battleaxe
    Stats: +1d4 Cold +1 Vs Humans
    Name: Battleguard's Glory
    Description: These are weaker copies of the axe used by High Battleguard Malak Thane. They are in high demand by Crimson Guard members who prefer battleaxes, much to the dismay of the Crimson Lady.

    Item Type: Longsword
    Stats: 1d4 Fire, +1 vs Human
    Name: Strategists Arm
    Description: Crimson Guard members who idolize Crimson Viper Saga or those who just prefer a traditional sword method prefer to use this weapon in battle, much to the dismay of the Crimson Lady who still seeks a new protege.

    Item Type: Staff
    Stats: Bonus Spellslot I and II (Sorc and wizard evocations only )
    Name: Misery Loves Company
    Description: Those who idolized the destructive power of Scale Misery on the battlefield pick these staves up, or they just grab them for their power to make them a better warmage on the field of battle. The Crimson Lady has been seen commenting they would look better with an axe blade on he end.

  • Item Type: Longbow
    Stats: mighty + 2 +1ab vs chaos , extra weight
    Name: Crimson Rain

    Description: Inspired by former Crimson Guard member Mynae Solwyn's fondness for using her rather heavy looking bow to shoot arrows powered by holy crimson light against the forces of darkness. Some of the Crimson Guard (mostly the ones who think Jastyne is the "Chosen One/Angel of War/Grandmaster Blessed General") made these bows in honour of her "Grandmaster". They then used them to battle the monsters and bandits that threaten Arabel, hoping that their faith would too let them shoot arrows that break through monsters defences with ease as well (and when that failed the bows weren't exactly terrible clubs either….).

    Crimson Viper Saga on hearing about this, made sure said Crimson Guard members praised the Red Knight and put a small enchantment on each of the bows, often allowing the user to fire through the defences of at least some of the monsters and bandit mages they encounter.

    Jastyne exact views on the matters remain unconfirmed. Through she been known to blush and taken sudden long walks on the “heated conversations” on her nature that tend to crop up around these bows.

  • Item type : Warhammer
    Stats : +1 acid, +1 lighting. +1 cold, +1fire, Massive critical 2d6
    (add a penalty to it s weight of 5-10%)
    Name : The World's end

    Description : Basicaly, once you get hit, squash, crush, swap, with this hammer.. well your world just ended, crafted eons ago, by the first dwarven smith, this weapon was wield by Thorus Hammerfell, dwarven hero, who fell in a great war against barbarian orcs invaders, and since then was last seen in the filthy hands of Ruuzarka the cyclop, a powerful orc chieftain.

  • @Bibi-the-Alien

    Item Type: Dagger
    Stats: Keen, +2 Intimidate/Persuade
    Name: Sembian Blade

    Description: Something something Sembia, something something cut-throat merchants, KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!

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