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    Hey folks,

    I have been going through the logs for the server for the last several months after watching someone do a pretty obvious and being mind-boggled that someone thought we weren't going to catch it (we log items when you drop them, it became obvious once I looked through the logs and then I found lots of people doing it). I have caught several people doing a handful of very blatant exploits that we track.

    The DM team would rather not ban people, but cheating at a cooperative game like this is also doing a disservice to the entire community you play with. That sucks.

    So we're giving the people who are guilty of this one week from this post to contact me or another DM and tell us what you've been doing--hopefully have some dialog to figure out why you'ld do such obvious exploits and maybe fess up to anything else you need to before we find it.

    Coming clean, being honest, probably the best way to convince the DM team not to ban you.

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    Relax mates! No one has to feel paranoid and ask if they are an exploiter! This is such a blatant cheat that if you did it you will know it. This is a several step cheating for unlimited gold and experience.

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    Basically, this isn't something you do by accident. You knew what you were doing. 🙂

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    Just wanna put my two cents in.

    Coming forward is the best option. We'll definately be looking at how to handle this really closely, and that will be the major defining point.

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    Again folks, I'm going through logs as far back as December. Its pretty easy to find this once I know what I'm looking for. Please, just come and admit what's up, you owe an apology to your peers who you've been trying to get unfair advantages over. Its not so cool, some of you already came and said "oh, am I exploiting Moloch? By accident." I told you "No, don't be silly! You can't do this exploit by accident."

    Now I am worried you were just trying to ask if you got caught. Well, now you did, so please, fess up to the team. I'm really kind of sad about this. I don't want to have to lay out the hammer of justice on some people I enjoy playing with; but wow, you cheated pretty blatantly and that just wasn't cool at all. And now I feel like you tried to manipulate me by feigning ignorance while checking to see if you got caught.


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    @mr-moloch I should also point out, this was a cooperative exploit. Some people are already coming forward and telling me not only did I do this--they're telling me who helped or who they know did it too and the logs are confirming what they say. Come forward, and no one will never know you did it. I appreciate it because it just speeds the process up and confirms people the logs pointed out without me having to track everything they do for months to find 100% proof-positive (which takes 20-30 minutes per person).

    Anyone who hasn't come forward by next Monday is likely going to get a permanent ban from the server. So please, be honest. I have 10 confirmed people doing this and another 12 who I'm double checking the logs on right now and am going to start looking at logs going back to January of last year.

    Just be honest. Please, the whole situation is a big downer for the DM team and community. Talk it out with any of us privately in Discord, and things can go more easily. I'm even finding some exploit/cheats that aren't the one people originally 'knew here' so you may as well fess up to THOSE too if you're someone who has been cheating.