PvP in the Spire Last Night

  • We had a PvP scene occur in the spire last night that went into the militia barracks.

    Due to some confusions about the rules, this PvP proceeded without a DM to oversee or approve it. It also involved a DM playing his own player character. Due to the mistaken assumption a DM can DM while playing a character (they can't!) the PvP initiators proceeded without DM approval.

    The mistake looks like an honest one, but its caused quite a bit of confusion. So we're rolling back all the players whose characters were affected, and having to retcon the situation. The team doesn't typically like to do this, but its probably the only easy solution.

    This also means the character the DM was playing will be retired, since we do not do things like that can benefit or affect a DM's characters.

    A reminder though so we're clear!

    PvP rules are here. https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/333/rules-for-pvp-and-pking tl;dr (NEVER PK without a DM present when NPCs are, and always be courteous about PKing events and looting. Courtesy to the community overrides your immersion or ability to 'win'!)

    Rules explaining that DMs who play characters are PLAYERS when playing, with no perks, benefits, or ability to intervene or adjudicate situations! https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/211/expectations-and-advice-regarding-player-behaviour

    (We're working on clarifying rules in the above post too, I get these are a bit disjointed at times.)

  • I realize the above post can be misconstrued too; What @Mr-Moloch is referring to is PK, PvP in front of blue NPCs, drylooting, etc. not all non-lethal PvP in general (but yes, PLEASE READ THE RULES).

    Ignorance is not an excuse for non-compliance. The onus is on the player to read the rules, we cannot be asking every person on the server if they have.

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