Hopefully soon to be returning player!

  • Hi Guys!

    So I've already read through lots of recent posts and my god has this place changed. I was playing back in like 2011/2012 when I was in college back in the UK so the thought of going into it now is fricking exciting! Doubt anyone would recall my chars, I used to play Murin Greybeard head of a Dwarf player faction too long ago to remember.

    Anyway just a few insight from people would be since with what to expect and any tips would be perfect!

    My playing times now would be 7-11pm GMT+8 on average. I'm living in China now so I'm hoping that there will be at least some people on around these times!

    Also I heard there is an upcoming V5? So should I get used to it all again by playing a short concept char and wait until V5 is launched to really get into factions and what not?

    Anyway, from reading the forums recently, It's hard to contain my excitement going back into it, especially when things have changed so much so it's new and fresh!

  • It's v5 now. V6 is coming, but it's many months away. Just forget about it and play what you would anyway.

    Welcome back!

  • V6*

    Ah, if it's months away then I can just get back into it without worrying about a total revamp.


  • DMs

    I remember Murin, welcome back!

  • I might have been the one spamming on several places trying to lure back old players, welcome welcome!

    Gmt+8 is a tough time zone, but I play on +8 to +10!

    Suggest making a Bedine if you know how to play one, and we can do many shenanigans together!

  • @jasonx101 i remember you, and murin greybeard wasnt it?. i played done of the other dwarves Glork

    it would be great to see you back in game 😉

  • Hey and welcome back,

    I am GMT +10 and I try to be on most nights looks for players who are RPing plus I run small events for those who are on at that time.

    See you IG 🙂

  • DMs

    Welcome back! 🙂

  • You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

    Welcome back and enjoy!

  • @cadiz_stoker Hey man! Course I remember Glork! They were some great times! Honestly can't wait to get back into it!

  • Thanks guys! I will also try and use some of the other chat channels that have been set up so I can talk to some of you, talk about concepts, chars ect ect.

    Unfortunately I will be logged in after new year, travelling new year then back at work. But I've already got nwn installed again and just need to check a few things when I'm back before logging in! So see you all soon and hope you've all had a good holiday!