Using OOC activity for IC crap

  • There were several occurances recently of "X Faction wasn't online when the city was attacked" being translated to "X Faction didn't give a fuck about the city being attacked and left everyone to die while having a chat about the weather"

    Don't do this, really. We're not going to spawn token npcs from every faction in a battle and cause a lagfest, or penalise players for not being logged at the right time.

    This applies in general to any plot event too, there's a huge difference between a faction ignoring something entirely for the duration of a plot and not being online for a particular event.

  • And actually, I did spawn token NPCs who died quite valiantly just because I wanted to make sure no one thought anything like this.

  • Reminder for all of you who have been saying: "Oh, I save Arabel while faction X did nothing but stood there".


  • Storyteller [DM]

    A reminder that its not okay to give people crap IC for stuff like this.

    Balors will be spawned on offenders.

  • Again. Please do not do this. This includes accusing players of not doing anything just because they are in a DM coverage dead zone. We all have RLs to deal with and play when we can. Often this means missing all the cool stuff happening IG.

  • I second this. Please be polite to those who are not able to log in all the time.

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