If you could change a NWN mechanic….

  • What would it be?
    (If time, bugs .haks and such were not an issue)

    Mine, I'd give wizards and sorcerers a magical weak and short ranged, ranged attack when they are wielding a staff. Give it the speed of a crossbow and low attack. But it'd make much more sense then every spellcaster packing a mechanical crossbow 😎

  • I'd change the classes from 3.0 rules to 3.5 and combine the social skills into just one, intimidation and lying are both forms of persuasion after all.

  • Admin [DM]

    So much, so hard to pick!

    I would unwind all CoA's ancient scripts without having nwn break down and the server blow up.

  • Remove Hold Person from the module.

  • There should be a command to withdraw (run away without aoo) or to take a 5ft step backwards (to disengage, for example to drink a potion) while the same monster is still fighting someone else (without provoking AoO).

    I'd make cantrips able to be cast infinite number of times (cure minor wounds could be a balance issue, but you could either increase it's casting time, or remove it, or make this -not- to apply to it).

    Ranger closer to 3.5 ranger, or at least give him more options (ie, pick between dual wield, point-blank&rapidshot, and a third option maybe?)

    Make counterspelling more viable in CoA's level range (currently viable as long as enemies cast 3rd circle spells or lower, or you reach lvl 11 - counterspelling lvl 4 and 5 spells are is really hard&inefficient)

  • Make a counterspell quickslot!

  • @AronFF:

    Make a counterspell quickslot!

    YES! grumbles

  • Disguises?

  • Z axis for climb and flight.

  • Writes down an endless list
    And more quick bars. Never enough quick bars. As a caster you need even more.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I would add the NWN2 spellcasting HUD thing, were your prepped spells are displayed on a little panel that can be clicked to cast.

    That radial thing is just bonkers.

  • no way, love the radial, taking it out was one of the many many massive mistakes of NWN2

  • A feat that gives you the option to mount and ride any animal, like those giant spider-riding goblins

    No seriously I want it

  • I've never understood counter spelling enough to use it but the seperate hotkey thing for spells from NwN2 was pretty handy.

  • @cadiz_stoker:


    Nail on head. Character name changes to something generic and you cannot click on the text avatar to PM the player. Complete anonymity. "Bandit", "Werewolf" etc.

  • Disguises would be cool but then you would need the whole mechanics if being able to see through them as well

  • yeah. It's all possible, technically. I really don't have the time to even try any tests though. But yeah, can all be done, even the not clicking on portrait part. (Thanks Blank)

  • A few:
    5 foot step
    Counterspelling that's more approriate for the level range
    mounts would be awesome too

    Nothing revolutionary, I know, but it'd be nice to have.

  • I could actually create a counter spelling thing for the gap in the spell level ranges. Basically use Lesser spell breach as the universal counter spell for that level. It's not even -that- hard to script it.

  • can you create a dot command for counter-spell stance we could quickslot?

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