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  • I'd like to try something new. In this topic, you are allowed one response with a maximum of three sentences. This should derail the possibility of silly arguments. I will delete posts accordingly if these rules are violated.

    Here's my question: If you could change one thing about CoA, what would it be?

  • More PC control of larger factions, less focus/reliance on NPC's nobody (really) cares about within said faction.

  • To nurture player-to-player courtesy and trust.
    Allow a place for players who enjoy story over combat to grow in.

  • Subdual damage knocking someone out puts them in the Fugue plane to better emulate the fact that you're not supposed to be aware of whats going on when you're knocked out.

    Have it so that people in the fugue who got there by being knocked out can respawn with no xp penalty.

    Which allows for the .loot system to be used without killing people and removes the need for spilling the entirety of someone's loot on the floor.

  • Lessen the apparent (at least it seems so according to forum posts) increase of importance of mechanics.
    It seems that over the last couple years, quests/creatures/AI have gotten tougher in response to more optimization of builds, which then leads to further optimization in a viscious cycle.

  • Increase character options: More custom factions, more custom spells, more custom themes.

    Course this all requires scripting which I sadly don't know how to help with.

  • I would optimize opportunities for characters to be able to meet and interact with all other characters by 1.) downsizing and refocusing the server so more characters can "bump into" other characters and 2.) evicting factions from their headquarters - or, at least, lessening the security of their headquarters - so more is done in the open and less is done behind closed, locked doors.

  • I would focus more on stories and roleplay and avoid PvP (it has never been of my interest and I see many people go due to this), not SIMS but rather adventures, puzzles and exciting things! Rather than scripted quests, I would more focus on explorable areas with puzzles, hidden rooms and interesting monsters but of course this would include plot wise as well. Also rather than "knights go there, mages there" mixed factions where various people may go, I consider that more fun for the players.

  • more conflict

  • As games said "lessen the importance of mechanics".

    Independently of what an individual player seeks (conflict with other PCs, adventure, etc), scripted quests are the fuel to this, as they provide the xp and gold needed to reach your goals, but with the recent changes I feel players are being forced to spend precious IG time and effort grinding quests, or merely surviving them, instead of doing different and fun stuff. Most players don't want to be mechanicaly proficient in order to get things done.

    i.e. Lower 1-6 quest toughness, make them yield more xp, lower death penalties, etc.

  • Lots of good stuff here, guys. Thank you for replying. Anyone else is welcome to pitch in, of course. Just keep it simple and civil.

    1. More Spells that can be manipulated in different ways by reagents and Feats (or a combination of both).

    2. Reworked foods, so that they do more than just take up inventory space (for example, light healing, or specific stat buff, some foods have this, some do not).

  • More randomized reasons to explore that do not require DM supervision.

    Increase the rarity of/decrease the tolerance toward freak races and their overall presence in the (technically) civilized parts of the module.

    Dull down quest XP gain in tangent with decreasing the death penalty; if not for semicolons I'd be at three sentences, but now I can say that it's because I think a slower progress is preferable to massive setbacks that equate to lost time, personally.

  • when a pc gets targeted by a monster, that monster can chase and chase and chase. i would like to see monsters that are taking damage from other pc's refocus to what is hitting them, not stay focused on something that hit them some time ago, just seems a little unrealistic.

  • 1)More interesting DM Factions than the ones that currently exist now
    2)Increase the number of custom spells and themes for players to choose from
    3)Implement a dynamic creature population system which makes the world feel more alive

  • Make PvP about adventure and intrigue and not about arena skills.

    I would love to see a "Repeblic of Rome Board Game" enviroment where actually ganking would reslut in benefit for the agressor 10 % of the times and a benefit for the ganked 90% of the time.

    That is, the world reactions should be in extreme favor of the non-agressor (examples provided in other place if asked for).

  • Less disgusting places for bad guys to congregate.

  • Give players more power to influence the setting without always relying on DM availability (more actual powers to Guildmasters and high-ranking officers, purchasable Guildhouses, scripted elections, etc.)
    Less scripted quests, more cool places to explore.
    Improve crafting system significance by adding cool recipes and removing high-end stuff from loot matrix, make crafters make mechanical investments in their profession (skill points, feats) instead of WoW system where best grinders are best crafters.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Definitely less tolerance all around, make tieflings, Aasimar, Half-Dragons, and more hated, feared, and despised by NPCs.

    Bring back the Ecclestian Order, WITCH BURNINGS

    A DM faction specifically oriented toward Nature Characters- a consistent faction for these players will do great things for the server.

  • Have the AI include appropriate morale checks for spawned monsters. After a failed check, the monster will flee, and then upon reaching the edge of the screen, it unspawns. "It got away!"

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