Can you help?

  • Folks, with v5 building gearing up, there are lots of projects that the DM team will want to see done.

    Some of these tasks are as simple as editing blue prints.

    Some as complicated as adjusting systems using scripts for NWNx.

    If you've any talent, or none at all, combined with the energy to help the DM team. Please send me a PM and let me know what you are up to doing to help out.

    To be specific, let me know which of the following you can do–and honestly--how good you are at it.

    Can you edit blueprints?
    Can you script?
    Do you know how to repackage hak files and adjust 2da files?
    Can you write conversations?
    Can you build areas in the toolset?
    Do you have some other talent that can help?
    Do you know how to create models and texture files for NWN?

  • Got a good initial response, but could definitely use more help! Pass along to folks who may be interested and don't check the forums as often.

  • Are you really skilled with photoshop? We need some .tga files to be edited.

  • I could use someone with the time to write a pretty simple script.

    Nothing complex, just need a script to go on a trigger. When a PC walks onto the trigger, if they make a spot check, a spider web appears at a WP marked on the trigger via a variable. If they fail, a Web VFX appears around the PC and they can make a STR check every round to break free; they are immobilized until they pass the check or for d4 rounds (whichever comes first).

    While in the web, the script scans the region for any creatures with Spider in their name. Any that are present move toward that area for the next d4 rounds to attack the Immobilized PC.

  • Just an FYI: if you're working on a project for us, I could use an update just to hear how things are going. Helps me keep track of our schedule.

  • Could use someone's help with editing some item blue prints and adding them to a module. Its pretty repetitive but not complicated work. Essentially, I'm looking for someone to help redesign our Cleric Vestments and Armors.

  • Again, if you're working on something for me, please give me an update on how it is going.

    There is still plenty to do for people, not much left in the "conversation writing" department. Quite a bit in the building areas and writing scripts though. Lots of areas will be needed soon as we're beginning to move into the redesign and creation of many, many quests.

  • I could really use a pet scripter.

    I'm about to leap into the making of quests and many quests for v5 need to be immersive and open-ended and will require a good scripter to help make things happen. I AM a decent scripter, but just lack the time to do everything we need. Our really good scripters have bigger projects they're working on. Often, I'll just need an outline of a script written to perform a single function or two, then I'll go through and modify it for our own systems.

  • Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Could whomever was building v5 objects/items/areas for Mr.Moloch kindly PM me your forum handle and exactly what it was you were building?
    I have a number of you on "The List" (sounds nasty don't it), but I need to double check and make certain everything is up to date.

    Thank you kindly.

  • There are still a few folks on "The List", that have yet to contact me.
    Are you still interested?
    Still building?

    Please let me know.

  • Still haven't heard from a few folks, would you please get in touch with me regarding your current progress/status?


    Thank you!

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