Diplomatic mission: The Rogue Legionnaires

  • Precept Arcanum

    We have been offered an opportunity of diplomatic importance, Jafur Arifath of the Rogue Legionnaires has offered us the chance to meet with the tribes under the protection of hospitality to discuss a matter of hostage negotiation for one "Jojoen Taymont", in our initial talks we were able to confirm Jojen Taymont is alive and we were able to have his staff returned to him through the trade of gifts of water and bread.

    I assume his capture had something to do with Marcus Baker, as his staff was recovered from his body after the events of the Ruinous staff were dealt with.

    He has offered us to be treated as equals, and to be held to the same standards of ethics and honor expected of his own. We will be treated as their own, and judged as their own. Many matters of dispute are settled in duels, and honor is not simply a pass time, but a measure of one's character among his people.

    We are allowed eight total, Councilors and Guards. We will be heavily scrutinized due to the presence of their women and children at the camp we shall arrive at which we shall be guided to by one of their out-runners.

    I will be detailing basic manners that should be followed to avoid cultural taboos.

    -Scion Naresh Sabzvari, Blood Dragon of the Precept Arcanum

  • Precept Arcanum

    Basic etiquette, is important in this matter. Here is a list of things that shall make life for you infinitely smoother.

    • We shall bring with us gifts of food & water

    • Accept any gifts of food & water with grace and humility

    • Speak plainly and honestly

    • Be respectful, but do not back from challenges of your character.

    • DO NOT - Make promises you cannot keep, your word is your law.

    • DO NOT - Touch any food or water that is not expressly given to you.

    • DO NOT - Refuse gifts of food & water when offered

    • DO NOT - Lie or attempt under handed bargains

    • DO NOT - Alter food or water that is given to you, eat it as it is offered.

    • DO NOT - Interact with their women or children unless they move to do so themselves

    Levi Drago will have more on the topic of etiquette, and would be a wise addition to keep this operation moving smoothly.

    -Scion Naresh Sabzvari, Blood Dragon of the Precept Arcanum

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Have the savages prepared a list of demands for this rogue wizard? What value does rescuing him pose?

    • Clerk Johnson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    He is of value to Eveningstar as a citizen and arcane advisor! Rescued by Sir Thornwind himself!

    His rescue would be a step toward diplomatic relations with Eveningstar!

    -Clerk Thompson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    //OOC: I would like to discuss a time for this event, Please let me know when works best for the Councilors.//


    We want primo to be there too!

  • Precept Arcanum

    //2-6:00 P.M -9GMT most Weekdays Tues & Thurs I cook, but I'm free weekends except for this coming Sunday.

  • //// saturday usually works best for me if I know ahead of time except the 19th I work the 19th depending on time of course

  • Twelve Peers

    It would help all involved to know that the "Bedine" peoples are not quite as monolithic as one may or may not see them. Each leader of note (Nazim and Jafur so far, to my knowledge) has a vote on the "Synod". A body similar to this Council I think, by context.

    Nazim in particular is breaking some forms of taboo by rescuing Rend and sheltering him, which will bring ire from Jafur when he knows, if he doesn't now. It is also true that myself and others aided in the spectacularly failed defense of their Vanishing City, where Nazim had been sheltering. More on that event in some other file if pressed.

    -Councilor Grurec, son of Torunden

    //Fridays ~9AM - 3PM is the only hours I can guarantee as free, that isn't "dead of night" 11PM - 3AM on most other days.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    //We would like to try and do an event on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Please post available times for those two days if possible! Thank you for your patience 🙂

  • Precept Arcanum

    To be informed, is to be forewarned.

    -Scion Naresh Sabzvari, Blood Dragon of the Precept Arcanum

    [Reserach into the Aunourch Bedine]:

    [after some time, the librarians return with a single text]

    Maxilla's Guide to the Anaurach

    Twenty years ago I was a simple trader making his way through the world. While attempting to shave time off a cavavan, I chanced the ancient sands of the Anaurach. On the fifth day our caravan was raided by Captain Haumn Salkhun, Sheikh of the Eastern Ruin, and I was taken captive. This book is a compilation of first hand knowledge I experienced as their prisoner. I can say with absolute confidence, I have never met a more honorable people. I was fed and clothed and kept safe from harm, my jailor even taking care to spare me from Lathander's Kiss when I fell ill. I was gifted pen and ink and allowed to detail my experiences under the caveat that I only write the truth. My Scholarly brothers deny the truth to these words, but they know nothing of the hardship in the sand.

    The Bedine were once divided into over 100 tribes with the largest having more than 300 members. Some of the tribes had never even heard of each other, and even more had never encountered one another in the vast wilderness of the desert. One tribe met only an average of two others in a year of nomadic travels. Rarely, more than a few tribes would temporarily unite under an "oversheikh" or "emir" against a common foe, such as lamias or asabi. They are a nomadic, tent-dwelling society. Most sites in the Sword could not support permanent settlements, and those few oases that could were considered sacred land to the Bedine and not the property of any one tribe. Moreover, a tribe that stayed in a single location was often a target for rivals or predators. Some of the traditions followed by all Bedine tribes included always giving water to the thirsty and always honoring one's oath. All warriors were bound to obey the commands of the sheikh, and only the most battle-hardened veterans would consider challenging such orders. The Bedine favor the deities A'tar, Kozah, N'asr. It is believed by western scholars that these are aspects of Lathander, Talos, and Cyric. To speak their name means one must honor them with a gift, or so their culture demands. Trained at combat in the darkness of night, they began to practice the ways of battle from before they are even adolescents. Although some claims state women were not supposed to fight as warriors, this is in fact false, it was commonplace during my travels to see husband and wife fighting side by side.

    In battle, the Bedine would usually fight to the death, it was very important for a warrior to be willing to trade his life for the sake of honor. Especially against overwhelming odds, so great was the shame that they would feel in defeat. Sometimes, a winning party of Bedine would offer a losing warrior a chance to join their tribe in reward for bravery in the face of such defeat. Requesting such an offer was a disgrace, but it was never disgraceful to accept. Acceptance of such an offer was ceremonialized by the losing warrior kissing his weapon and laying it at the feet of his new sheikh. In response, the sheikh kissed the new warrior's forehead. They would then share a glass of wine mixed with a few drops of blood from both of them. It is my belief that this act of submission transcends combat, and translates to more common Bedine Customs. Visiting a rival, or making peace, both parties would show respect by offering their sword, and then denying its' necessity. This display would prove to each warrior a sense of trust, that one does not need to be disarmed, but one was willing to be so in order to make the other feel safe.

    Jon Maxilla

  • Black Clover Society

    They value work and food more than gold. To buy you some more chance to make this happen, I have offered myself for a week of hard labor to Jafur and the more honorable sand lords, in exchange for a better chance of peace talks. This is going to be the worst week of my life, make it worth it. At the very least, it should buy you a week of no raids from anyone but Nazim. Make sure you spare as many of his men as you can. They can't return to him alive and less men will join him if we continue to spare them and treat them with mercy and honor. Also, whoever takes my chance at dueling Nazim will owe me 5 cases of vodka. Remember, the Sheriff's bounty only counts if you bring him to me alive to face justice one on one.

    See you in a week. Will probably be lighter and have a darker tan.

    Sheriff Bronimir

    ///Going on Vacay with the family. See you all in a week or so and hopefully Bron doesn't die in the labor camp! There's rumors they may throw him in the arena!

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