Peer Review: Levi Drago

  • I do not do this lightly, And wish there was another way.

    However Levi has come to think himself above the law.

    It is known that Levi has been in posession of the Ortrant head piece that was stolen from me by Nethki of the Precept, And he admits he knows who now holds it, Yet refuses to divulge this information as he refuses to trust the council.

    He chooses to think he can refuse to answer questions and do as he please

    It is time he learn even councillors must be accountable


  • Seconded. The lack of cooperation with the rest of the council cannot be ignored any longer.


  • Thirded.

    If you don't trust the Council, don't also benefit from the benefits of membership.

    • Ezri

  • I have a theory on the true reason for the secrecy.

    It is known that Levi wishes to join House Mossmere.

    I believe he has been searching for this stave and seeks to reassemble it to prove his skill to them.

    Despite the claim he says one of his crew is hunted no such mention was made in the files until a few days ago.

    The defence he fears a Cormyrean infiltrator is weak as even Cormyreans wouldn't tolerate infernal threats.

    There is also the fact the file on Infernal circles was opened well before the person he suspects as a spy even joined the council.

    We must therefore assume he has been hiding the staffs existence from the council for his own gain


  • Twelve Peers

    Depending on how you view "trusting the Council" I might also not trust it. Still, it is true on matter of magic that Levi keeps quiet of his findings until he's thoroughly investigated them, as any wizard does. I find this to be less of a lack of cooperation with the Council and more a greater cooperation with the Precept.

    To be frank I'm not sure why he hasn't joined the Precept, as the foremost gathering of mages in the city. I remember he had his reasons but I can't remember them.

    -Councilor Grurec, son of Torunden

  • So far as I understand it Dwarven friend, the Precept treat wizards (and those they term "mundane") in a similar way that this city treats those of... less than normal heritage (tieflings, and the like)

    Well, that's what people say anyway.

    -A Clerk

  • Levi seeks to join House Mossmere, Quite why members of the Precept are so close to him when it's my understanding that the House is not at all fond of sorcerers is an oddity.

    Unless their higher ups in the Precept are simply not aware they spend a lot of time galavanting around with him for his own benefit.


  • Black Clover Society

    What lack of cooperation and trust are we talking about?

    I have provided more information and details regarding the matter in question than everyone else combined. I have asked for input, given my critiques and criticisms of the only one suggestion made so far.

    I don't mistrust the Council. I mistrust Bryce. Do not mistake that for a general dislike. I simply absolutely refuse to allow that incompetent fool of a Greywatch hold the lives of my Crew in his hands.

    Would you, Jadzia, if it were your villagers and knights in his hands?
    Would you, Grurec, if it were your Kinfolk?
    Would you, Ezri, if it were the Temple?

    The man is incompetence and idiocy incarnate and I will not stand for it. The evidence is an insurmountable mountain of cowardice, hypocrisy, and ineffectiveness that anyone with half a brain can see clearly.

    I don't need the stave to prove my competence to the House of Mossmere. I have done that through my actions.
    I don't need to bargain with fiends to accomplish my dreams in this place. Alongside my Crew there is nothing they can promise me I cannot get myself.
    I need to kill one man. Help me, or don't. I keep no secrets that this council did not in turn hide from me.


  • Levi is your argument really I'm incompetent because I didn't punish the Scarlets for crimes at the time there was no evidence of.

    And despite repeated calls for evidence no one provided any.

    If you wish to blame anyone I would suggest blaming Soppi for suggesting at the time they be treated as a beholder cult and have a dead or alive bounty. Because at the time it was ludicrous.


  • @HellzYeah said in Peer Review: Levi Drago:

    I simply absolutely refuse to allow that incompetent fool of a Greywatch hold the lives of my Crew in his hands.

    Then remove yourself from the council. Because as long as you sit on it with him, you're going to have to work with him.
    I've made Bryce incredibly aware of my issues with him at every given opportunity. And I have watched him make many mistakes.

    But right now, I trust his ability to be a functional member of this council more than I trust that of You or Naresh. And that is quite frankly the most damning condemnation I can give of either of you.

    • Ezri

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