Case File: Black Dragon

  • Black Clover Society

    This might not mean anything, but it did strike me as odd.

    I was telling the Hawthorne woman about my vision in Eveningstar, and when I told her I got to meet the Queen she asked "Which Queen?"

    Which I thought was an odd question. Certainly not damning evidence but I thought it a very very odd thing to say.


    P.S. I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but please don't publicly use this post as reasoning to beat the piss out of the girl and search her.


    So is this random cow droppings or is there some truth in it?

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Precept Arcanum

    Mandy was gifted with control over negative energy, but made no attempts to control the undead. Her use of these energies was the same as that of an evoker. As for the item, she was experimenting in creating a staff for her own personal use. Last I’d seen of the item, it had no dangerous properties.

    Mandy was slain in a cowardly manner, struck through the side as she gazed into the Calantar river, strung up and burned in a bonfire. The Black worm is an honorless creature and from the evidence gathered either struck Thorn down from hiding, or slew her while they weren’t seen as a threat. Thorn died with a sword in her hand, and whatever energies released from the object were likely due to tampering. She died swiftly, she was a very old woman and unfortunately trusting of others.

    The murder weapon appears to have been a long sword, used at close range. It pierced her through completely entering through her side and exiting. The scene lacked any prints beyond those belonging to Thorn, making me believe this person has an in-depth knowledge of tracking, the long sword eliminates several potential rogues from the suspect list. Hanging the woman by a rope requires a adequate level of strength. Likely looking at a individual with at least some martial training.

    Last I’d seen of the object, she had managed by accident to impart a piece of her own soul into a rod. That was the morning of the day of her death.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Jadzia any mysterous staves turned up?

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • I do have the said artifact in my possession

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • Precept Arcanum

    She was the first one I’d saved, awoke in a gnoll slave pen and taken hostage by slavers after that. Survives all that to be killed by some cowardly worm.

    What a damned waste.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh

  • Some bittersweet gains in whom the Blackdragon is at least in the clues of her demises.

    We can safely remove mages and most druids from the list of suspects and we know we're looking for a strong person with more than a dash of cunning and forsesight. The fact they got so close without being seen as a threat surgests either there sneaky enough to get within strike range without being noticed or can hide there intent well to walk up to them with a weapon in there hands without creating alarm.

    A longsword surgests there a member of the larger races, with human or elf seeming more likely, through a dwarf or half orc is possible. While it tempting to say were looking for a swordsman, they might have used a longsword on purpose to throw us off.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Our best option of finding who the Black Dragon is, is likely a spy.

    Last week I tasked Mikul of contacting them and they did so by letter.

    Unfortunately they won't meet Mikul unless he proves himself.

    I suggest since The Dragon is targeting the precept mostly you work with Mikul so he can prove himself. I would think a "fight" where he beats one of the precept and takes a uniform may work. I am certain you could provide him with a very basic one which should do the trick.


  • So. The Black Dragon was Adrienne. The Greywatch figured it out a few days ago and shared the information with the Precept offering them the first chance to take justice for the murder of Mandy in return for cooperation on the stave.

    The result of the investigation was not placed in these files as to not tip Adrienne off that the game was up and she would be arrested.

    However due to the actions of the imbecilic Bron she has fled the region and apprehension is unlikely.

    The conclusion of the investigation will be placed in these files later.

    We also suspect Mikul knew and covered for her. Quite how deep the alliance went will need to be found out in questioning.


  • This is the report we sent the Precept.

    It seems likely however after further thought that Ezri was not involved, Or if so very minimally

    It is almost certain the murder of Mandy Thorne was performed by Adrienne using the alias of the Black Dragon
    The fact tracks were hidden or not left at all would indicate one skilled at moving through nature, Druids themselves due to their oaths about not using metals would be forbidden from using the type of weapon to kill her. They then sent letters to various groups to try and stir up chaos.
    For a time they went mostly quiet until the appearance of the Sand Snakes.
    Adrienne begun implicating herself subtly after the theft of the head piece of the stave, When I asked for the druids aid she suggested I simply attack members of the Precept and threaten to execute them if they didnt return the stave. As due to their races they are non citizens, A term the Black Dragon has used on their posters calling for the Precepts sanctum to be pelted.
    It should be noted that I asked the oath to aid recover the stave piece as I suspected Nethki of potential infernalism due to information provided by Mikul, Who claimed Nethki was holding the blood she took from him after the disagreement in the cave and wished an infernal book for its return. The next implication came two days ago, I made a sending to hunt a wanted criminal, And told Adrienne it was a sorceress I planned to capture and offer to the Precept for rehabilition as an olive branch in exchange for the return of the stolen head piece.
    We came across this criminal by the oasis of the Stonelands and spoke with her, It was then when her crimes were revealed Adrienne turned against the plan. When I said her crime was treason Adrienne said she cared little for crimes against a dead king and taking her to the Precept would be akin to slavery.
    When I explained to Myschantra about the stave and my concerns she offered a divination to learn more of it.
    What was learnt was shared in the council files. It should be noted that during the vision Adrienne seemed fearful and shocked trembling when a dragon attacked a figure in the vision, And after the vision ended Myschantra told us we were connected to the stave in ways we did not reveal to her, Until that point I was unaware that Adrienne had any connection to the stave at all.
    On the way back to the city a Sand Snake accosted us and demanded toll, Adrienne seemed unwilling to fight and paid them.
    The Black Dragon also has posters up trying to make these bandits fight the Red Ravens and Crimson Guard and send back members of Arabels powers naked.
    Earlier today it was revealed to me by Bron that the Black Dragon is actually a group, They seek to weaken the city by causing strife and discord and they also go by the Crazy Three, A title that is used by Adrienne, Mikul and Ezri.
    This explains why Mikul has been making minimal effort to inform on the Black Dragon despite being offered clemency to do so, And forgave Nethki for taking his blood, using it as a chance to get closer to her to pass information on to the others
    We suspect Ezris part in it is to cause strife on the council and back Adrienne, providing support in votes and trying to turn people against the Greywatch


  • I've taken some time to Process all this. It was a lot to take in.

    Adri gave no indication to me that she was the Black Dragon. But, I don't think Mikul knew either.
    You've all met the man, he openly confessed to being a former purple dragon nearly everywhere he want, you truly believe him capable of keeping any secret, let alone one that big? He's a soft hearted man who thinks with his blade and never fully grew out of the mind of a soldier. He would have had nothing to inform because everyone who has known him knows to tell him as little as possible.

    Adrienne's Betrayal of me and the friendship we had has shaken me to my core. But when I stood with her and Mikul we fought for this city. And Mikul alone has fought back the fiercests of monsters and beasts beside many of you.

    Her crimes are her own, unless you have actual Evidence against Mikul or Me, do not slander the name of the Crazy Three again, even after Adri betrayed it, and us.

    • Ezri

  • Ezri.

    I am saying what Bron informed me of.

    Whilst I do not think you are involved, there is a fair likelyhood Mikul knew of Adrienne being the black dragon and choosing not to inform.


  • The man ratted himself out as an ex purple dragon with all the pressure of a raindrop on him.
    He would not have been able to keep this secret under Scrutiny.

    • Ezri

  • Storyteller [DM]

    While all this is good and true, I am happy to hear not ALL Cormytes are spies,


    How many decisions has she swayed? We removed one councilor so that she might have a seat even!

    To know that what we perceived as one of our own could have such influence over our decisions, swinging votes - causing anarchy!

    Our discussion should not only be WHO is MOST guilty, but HOW we prevent tribulations like these from happening ever again!

    -Clerk Johnson

  • Precept Arcanum

    Since I've yet to be ousted, I assume that means I am to remain. I've an idea on how to make these events harder to pull off in the future, and engage our councilors.

    I think it's time we begin meeting in person once a week at the palace, or as many of us as we can. It's easier to lie in a letter, than it is to do so before an audience. We can get a feeling for a Councilor's personality, their moral center from interactions done in person and it offers the people of Arabel chance to field their concerns before the council itself.

    The people need to understand our stance, and know what we stand for. A day of open forum is necessary for this council to function and it gives us a chance to speak with prospects for potential councilors among the populace.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Precept Arcanum

    On the matter of who to blame, Bryce you specifically speak of knowing Adrienne's identity as the Black Dragon, having suspicions of Erzi and yet acted with them in attempts to remove councilors that were suspicious of them from the council. Giving the Black Dragon the opportunity to create more chaos through her actions, you offered the Precept this exact report along with the one from Slade that was embellished to paint the Precept members as Infernalist three days ago to the late Brother Shadow.

    These actions were made in direct contradiction to what is expected of a "Lawman" to prevent a Cormyrian nationalist from attaining as much momentum as she had and saw to the removal of one Councilor, and nearly that of myself before pushing to have the Precept Arcanum as a whole removed from this forum.

    You have acted without regard for your city, or it's people.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Do cease your complaining Naresh and stop trying to blame me for everything.

    The votes to remove you were for the simple fact you knew Nethki had stolen the headpiece and made no effort to return it or punish her as you clearly think your members above the law and they can rob councillors whenever they want.

    The vote to remove Ivo was because he refused to answer who held the stolen item even though he knew.

    As to who is to blame for Adrienne even getting on the council. Well that would be Soppi. If she hadn't decided to turn the Scarlets crimes of assualt into a dead or alive bounty for being beholder cultists or something and then attacked the Greywatch when Greg and Lucy were being arrested she wouldn't have been removed from the council and Adrienne wouldn't have gotten the seat of the Wildwalkers on account of being the only adventuring one who'd yet to take it as Greg had previously stood down and given the seat to Soppi.

    I know it may be hard for you to comprehend but a vote to remove Adrienne was not started because letting a criminal know you are onto them when they may well be executed means they tend to flee. I had planned to call her to the palace and arrest her but she had not been in the city for a few days.

    Now it seems she has left the region due to Bron so justice will be hard to serve on her.


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