Case file: Demonic circles

  • Precept Arcanum


    A demonic portal was opened below the city in the tunnels connected to the cities sewers, I was made aware of the problem by Dawnbringer Jadzia who made word that demonic creatures were hiding amongst goblins below the city streets, upon investigation we encountered Ogres, maggots and undead tainted by the unnatural energies. Fighting our way through the sewer system we arrived at a hole in the walls that lead to a cave system where we battled a contingent of highly organized undead with enough coordination to prepare barricades against our approach.

    After our initial skirmish with the undead we came upon a Ritual circle unattended by it's creator, with Dawnbringer and Magus Drago's collaborative efforts the ritual was interrupted, but not before a creature known a Bebilith was birthed from the circle.

    Unfortunately no other information was gleamed from the incident, but be content in knowing the collaborative efforts of the Precept Arcanum & Dawnknights of Lathander were there to repel the threat.

    -Councilor Naresh Sabzvari, Blood Dragon of the Precept Arcanum.

  • I understand there was no sign found of the summoner?

    Rest assured the Greywatch will begin searches of the sewers and tunnels beneath them in search of the Infernalist


  • I would appricate arcane and secuity assistence in looking at the site. Planar summoning can cause long term damage, as can necromancy. Additionaly with my talants we might get an animal point of view disciption of our cultist, it will likely be fairly imperfect, but a clue is a clue.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • So it occurs to me the circle summoned powerful demons and was well guarded,

    Likely the summoner was part of a cult of some variety and will have associates who can point the finger at them if apprehended.

    Regular patrols of the sewers and tunnels should be undertaken to locate them or scare them into coming forward


  • Precept Arcanum

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  • What do you mean case closed?

    Was whoever opened the circles found?

    If so then more information would be good.


  • Precept Arcanum

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  • A few days ago myself, Dex and Calatha searched the sewers and caves for signs of this Infernalist.

    None were found but we did find an individual selling goods useful for necromancers.

    It would be wise to press them for information. Perhaps they have seen people moving through.


  • The Greywatch will lead a hunt for the infernalist tommorow, we will begin in the sewers with the aim of capturing some accomplices for questioning


  • I will be there.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Myself and Kalil went into the sewers and discovered summoning circles.

    Minor demons started pouring from them and we fought as bigger things began to emerge.

    Eventually Randella Mossmere arrived as she had detected the demons.

    It would appear that the circles are quite haphazard and requires someone from Arabel to trigger them.

    The purpose and creator are still unknown.

    Our next move should be to try and locate the creator.

    Perhaps the Kenku know something but they would undoubtedly need to be paid for any information.


  • Greg gave me a strange symbol found near a ritual site.

    Nethki examined it for me earlier and claims it is a symbol of Gargauth, A devil lord, This is odd as the infernalists have been summoning demons.

    Myself, Clark, Nethki and Saul went to where the symbol was reported to have been found, Besides minor undead nothing was found, though we learnt the skeleton there is celestial in nature


  • Precept Arcanum

    A group was gathered to deal with demonic entities in the Hillsmarch area (Topher, Mikul, Gura, Nethki, Naresh, Marcus) while I have no love for the man, Marcus proved to be invaluable for breaking the demonic sigils and rituals we found while combating Infernal Ogres.

    Three rituals of note were found in our journey, two Infernal in nature and the other oddly mundane.

    The first ritual encountered was a circle etched around a Infernal helm, the item cursed any near it to place it upon their heads where it would remain unless removed by another, creating a cycle of as one put "Hot Potato". The helm was eventually removed and thrown into a chasm by Blood Shark Gura.

    Continuing on we encountered a half completed scrying ritual, but with mounting pressure from Infernal ogres we pushed pass to more pressing issues, I'll return to this later in the report.

    The Third ritual was a summoning ritual, some creature swathed in shadow with a long barbed tail. Incredibly durable, but we managed to restrain it long enough for Nethki and Marcus to dismantle the circle which kept spewing forth Inferal ogres as we battled. Nothing of significance was found after it's defeat, and little else found in the room after a quick search.

    It is at this point we encountered a Cultist holding a man hostage in a ritual circle, attempting to use the man to power the scrying apparatus we'd passed earlier (Bronimir). An attempt was made to capture the cultist with magic as to not allow him to injure the man trapped in the circle, unfortunately a member of our group (Mikul) took this time to posture at the cultist before we could prepare to subdue him, the Cultist reacted, slashing the throat of nearby Nethki and the cultist was subsequently slain in a failed attempt at retraining him.

    It was after we had staunched Nethki's wounds that Blood Shark Gura took it upon himself to demand Mikul answer for negligence through apology, when he refused, Gura flogged him into submission and when Topher attempted to aid Mikul he was held and also flogged. I busied myself with inspecting the hostage and healing his wounds during the matter.

    Neither man has lasting injuries, no coins nor effects were taken from them. At worst they left with bruised pride, as is the purpose of a flogging. Their pay was not withheld, however Topher removed himself from the situation while Mikul remained till it's conclusion.

    We dismantled and investigated the scrying ritual, but were left with little information with the Cultists death. We left and received pay from the citizen that had originally called for assistance, the hostage in question (Bronimir) was escorted back to Arabel by myself personally.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari.

  • Precept Arcanum

    Orc threat & Demonic banditry:

    Encountered two further instances of infernalism, those with me at the time (Levi, Mikul, Naresh)

    Took a journey to the ruins to investigate a personal interest of mine, on the journey we were ambushed by a warband of the Black Orc Tribe, and it would appear they were led by an armor clad warlock of some nature, although the Warlock himself was not terrible dangerous on his own. He managed to summon Infernal beasts of varying capacity for destruction, in the skirmish Mikul was subdued by one of the Infernalist's creations and in the struggle to remove it, managed to escape deeper south into the dunes. The orc may well be on the rise again.

    Our second encounter was upon our return from the Stonelands, we were again waylaid, this time by a large force of bandits led by a Infernal cultist. He also brought forth beasts, though only one proved to be of any true threat a"Bebilith". It was at this point we noticed Marcus, bleeding out on the ground with several arrows in his chest. Busy with the battle I left aiding him to Levi as myself (Naresh) & Mikul pursued the infernalist.

    We eventually managed to subdue the man, but the Cultist was again slain by factors outside my ability to control. We decided to behead the cadaver and after a thorough search of his body, burned it with dragon fire as to be certain of his demise.
    It was at this point that we moved to inspect the ritual circle he'd created, a circle supporting a ever burning flame as tall as myself.

    During the inspection the cultist's head, reanimated, sprouting limbs to wriggle across the ground and harried Marcus. We were unable to destroy the abomination, however when Levi disrupted the circle's physical form the flame vanished and the life within the head with it.

    I've collected the cultists head for further research and an etching of the circle itself. It is my hope that the Precept Arcanum might find the source of this growing infernalism, I believe we must capture one of these men & women of the demonic pact alive for enhanced interrogation.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Most concerning.

    It's my understanding that these circles have been found all over correct?

    From the Sewers to Hillmarch and now the Stonelands.

    I agree that a cultist needs to be questioned to learn their aims.


  • Black Clover Society

    They appear, most often, to be somewhat amateurish affairs. This most recent event was the most obvious example, the practitioners practically giggling in delight while revelling in newfound power.

    I'd wager someone's handing out knowledge wholesale for... Some reason. Probably to keep us occupied while they attend to more sinister matters? It's really hard to say with Infernalists. I'm not convinced that capturing one will yield much in the way of actionable information because of this, but I suppose I don't see any reason to not question one in the rare event I am wrong.


  • Yesterday myself, Clark, Mikul and Topher went to investigate a cave on Calantars Way, said to be full of orcs, We found the orcs heavily barricaded in but broke through and came upon a summoning circle, Study of the circle identified it as an abyssal circle and that something had already been called through.

    We pressed further into the cave system and encountered a tall bird like demon which took some effort to bring down then soon after an orc with a spider demon.

    Further in the cave a strange statue was find with odd offerings to it, Mostly potions and alcohol, Mikul said it resembled statues from ruins in the Stonelands.

    On the way back out we came upon two strange skull statues that when touched transported us elsewhere, to a lava filled place, There we encountered creatures of fire and infernal ogres along with a large skeleton structure with a portal out.

    Mikul believes a similar skeletal structure is in the stonelands, perhaps more clues can be gleamed from there


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