Addendum to the Law: The Jax Clause

  • I'm proposing an addendum to the law called "The Jax Clause", where persons who are normally pretected by the law have proven by their actions and words that they are not worthy of such. Jax Crow Beak has shown again and again that he favors his orcish heritage to his human side, and as such attacks any citizen at the merest perceived slight. Jack Wild, his supposed "boss" refuses to take responsibility for him. This clause, when enacted, would strip the individual's protections under the law, and they would be considered the same as a drow, goblin, or other monster.
    ~Danny Steele

  • Storyteller [DM]


    It is not our place to debate the laws of our royal monarchs.

    If it walks like an orc, talks like an orc, and shits like an orc, treat it like an orc.

    -Clerk Johnson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    What Johnson means to say is-

    A wlf in sheep’s skin is still a wolf.


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