A Morale Booster

  • I understand that this Council is not convened under the idea of making laws and the like, but since I am in the process of preparing several things for the White Witch, I thought it right that I approach the Council to speak on the Morale of those I am working with.

    The Rabble Rousers fought for this nation once, and were cast aside when that fighting was over. When danger reared its head, they came back with nothing more than a bottle in one hand, a dagger in the other and a fighting spirit. For the sake of your wealth and safety, they were ready and willing to fight again.

    I think it right they be repaid in kind; I am cordially requesting that all taxes be lifted for the remainder of the lives of those who fight under my banner in the city’s name and, should they die, no taxes to be levied upon their families.

    At this point these people have rags upon their backs and huddle in whatever alley they can find to stay warm. Their revenues will not be missed, if they existed in the first place, but if they know the city has their back for the future they will be prepared to fight hard for the dream they were once woken from.

    This is not me looking to make some new tax code or something, this is me asking for support in building a more effective fighting force for your interests- it is very little cost to you and considerable gain where it matters most; the spirit of those who fight on your behalf.


    Keline Hallenthen

  • I agree with this on several levels, and I feel like it'd be a pretty sensible move - as you say, there's not a whole lot of tax to be claimed from them in the first place. On the other hand, I don't think we Twelve have much say - or any say at all - on matters of taxation. I feel like folks are getting hung up on the word "Council" a lot, so it might help if you mentally substituted it for something like "Band", or "Guild", or some other word that more accurately describes what we do when we're not arguing.

    Basically, I think you should send this to the First Peer directly, so that it can be weighed by those who can actually make decisions.


  • Admin [DM]

    //this is not what the council is about. Taxes, levies, living arrangements, sims stuff is not why the faction was created. There are npc peerage factions that deal with the boring stuff. Remember you are the Avengers, not the worker bees at SHEILD.//

  • @Prof-Misclick

    // I understand that, and I'm not trying to make it something it's not, this was something meant to flesh out some loyalty/character building stuff between people Keline's supposed to be taking care of as well as playing on the very real IG history. She's working on building a specific reputation and something else, I'm not trying to drill down into tax policy and crap, just use it as something she can use for speeches and other things.//

  • @SyrusRayne

    I got that feeling too, I'll see what can be done. Worse comes to worst, I'll just pay their damn taxes out of plunder.


  • Admin [DM]

    The rabble rousers were not as much the army which rose in the rebellion, as they were a cult surrounding the late King. Warriors were paid and trained, once the rebellion ended they were paid for their service and moved on with their lives. Many still remain under service as the Crimson Guard, the Rabble Rousers however never saw the war as over. They were a chaotic bunch of cultists worshipping chaos and the thought of freedom, what they shaped their life to be is beyond our control.

    With the death of the late King, the Rabble disbursed whilst some still live on with a bitter hunger for war still. Those whom still cling onto the rebellion and free can be trained, as you have invested so far. However, the task of their survival is yours and one which is your burden and none else.

    The point being: The Rabble Rousers are crazed cultists, worshipping the memory of Gondegal. Your mission to reshape them to something else is yours, the Council made a decision to hire someone else and this still stands.

    Waldemar Scarbrough

  • Fair and done.


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