The White Horde, and the White Witch

  • Order of the Aster

    Yesterday, several facts came to light as thus I felt it best to begin a new file regarding true threats in the area.

    We have confirmation of the following;

    The White Horde displays battle standards of white painted feathers and plain white bird feathers on totems, generally accompanied by impaled corpses of various humanoid creatures. The White Horde are sometimes, though not always, seen with white glazed over eyes and consists of Ogres, Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs, Hobgoblins, with a support of Worg or Giant Spider cavalry. Please note that this Cavalry prior to 12.23.2020 has insignificant and of little threat to any tight shield wall.

    The White Horde was supported by a tribe of orcs whom specialized in disease and poison, called the Black Tribe, who focused primarily on ancient druid sites to corrupt and bastardize the land. This cuminated in several bitter battles including the Battle of Redwood, and what i'm labelling the Battle of Black Tribe End, where Sir Matrim Kingsley, the Dragon Bastard, lead his Ghosts of Cormyr to support a shattered Arabellan Free Peoples army. Without the Ghosts I cannot say this decisive battle would have been a win to our side. This also destroyed the remaining Black Tribe warchiefs which escaped at Redwood.

    The White Horde has been seen forming various defenses around Tilverton. A seasoned army of Hobgoblins has been spotted drilling, setting spiked barricades, and giving various ordered on Tilvertons border. Tilverton is currently in the control of Obyn Misrim, the Betrayer. This indicates that Obyn Misrim is receiving some kind of support from the White Horde.

    Tilverton has various tunnels beneath it. This was confirmed by advanturers on several occasions, and I myself have seen Kobolds digging in the vicinity of the town of Tilverton. I believe Obyn seeks something lost in the desert. Something belonging to the ancient civilization which lays buried in the sands.

    The Deserts near Tilverton have lead me to believe that an ancient Sun-worshiping society lived there. Perhaps dating back to elvish times. Aritian has told me he has seen vast temples, buried by sand and time, to the Father of Lathander, Amaunator. Perhaps an artifact of some kind is buried in the sands? perhaps this is what Obyn Misrim is looking for? I must find it if that is so..

    The White Witch
    There is little information on her. She commands the white horde, but beyond that, we know very little. Sir Matrim Kingsley stated after the Battle of Black Tribe End that she is a disgraced War Wizard who no longer serves Cormyr. What truth there is to this, I do not know.

    Keline and Aritian seem to believe the White Witch is in possession of an ancient artifact of the First People, the Netheril, who enslaved lesser races with a staff. We have found several statues around arabel of a woman holding a grand staff above her head, with dozens of stone creatures kneeling before it. However I have yet to see the White Witch. None have, and lived.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • Order of the Aster

    Yesterday 12/29/2020 I did quite a bit of adventuring with our elven allies, Emissary Selifrey, and her personal guard Kirin. I'll detail the extend of our findings regarding an ancient Amaunatorian temple and vast ruins of the ancient people, Netherese, later. What I wish to detail here is our encounter with what we believe was the White Witch, somewhere in the gnoll pass.

    We encountered several groups of white horde which Kirin and myself easily laid low. However after some travel-time, we began to hear a loud screeching. Some kind of super-sonic, or booming noise I cannot describe beyond painful and damaging to our party.

    Try as we might, every step closer to Arabel, the noise grew louder. We did not have much time - losing our senses, or bearing with each temporal boom. I was losing consciousness as I walked. My allies, clutched each other and staggered to and fro, trying to escape this unseen threat.

    Then.. a deafening explosion rang out. I saw trees lose leaves ,the sands of the gnoll pass kick up, and clouds clear off a nearby ridge. That is when we saw her..

    The White Witch.

    She seemed to shimmer in and out of the weave, perhaps hovering above the ground. She lowered herself between us as we three clung to life, too pained by the constant clanging and noise to stand. She walked past me.. And reached into the body of Selifrey.

    A sheet of white light exploded from Selifrey, and suddenly she was engulfed in black shadow. She spoke a language I did not know. She drew a weapon I had never seen Selifrey use. She continued to speak.. A language I cannot even begin to understand.. However one word I have seen many times in the ruins around Arabel, and around "Meladaruk."

    She approached the fallen Kirin who clung to life, a rapier in hand, and with a swift thrust, pierced his back.

    Selifrey returned to her normal state, and screamed.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry.

  • Order of the Aster

    Though I am unaware of its significance, I found a strange ancient sword plunged into an old stone on the gnoll pass to Eveningstar. I will have it investigated further by priests, and wizards, however for now there is this known - it tells a vague tale of a paladin who plunged the sword, and that the hilt is missing a stone.

    I will attempt to try placing the Gem of Maluradek at the center with the aid of a gemcrafter,

    perhaps, it will illuminate the secrets of the blade..

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry


  • Order of the Aster

    A few day ago, I found an ancient blade stuck within a stone at the Gnoll Pass. This blade was secured by overgrowth and seemed rusted in place. An inscription was difficult to make out, despite the best efforts of my companions.

    We believe the inscription read;
    "At Dawn, Face the Sun."

    There was a missing gem from the hilt, I attempted to place the gem of Maluradek within it, nothing happened.

    I pulled, and it freed at my touch though was stuck. I yanked hard, and it broke free - and shattered to pieces.

    I regret to report that the shards were collected, however the ancient artifact of Amaunator that I hoped to claim in Lathanders name was shattered.

    The shards still glow with a bright light, strong as ever. The blade must be reforged.

    I have requested that our elvish allies aid me in this, their only request that we come up with some way that it never be used against the elvish people.

    I think this a test.. When I first arrived here, I admit I was quick to promise such things... Though now I am a man of Arabel. A man of the world. I know to make such a promise is to lead friendship to failure.

    All I can do is swear upon my sacred oath that I will nay raise it against the elvish people, and swear it will only ever be used for the Light.

    I wish to use this blade to remake anew an Old Flame. Once there was a bond between the Land the the Sun, between Chauntea and Amaunator, between Elf and Man. I will restore this ancient pact between the land and the sun, between Chauntea and Lathander, between elves and men.

    I would name this old strength given new life "Laam Wilaml" in elvish, or, "New Dawn" in the common tongue..

    I have asked the Druid of the Redwood to aid in giving me the favor of the land in some form of a task.

    The Elves of the Embassy have asked me to prove the blade will never be used against their kin.

    Good Bishop, Dawnknight Myrkyr, what are your thoughts on this union?
    @Puffy @SpiffyMeister

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I am not one to question the quests my fellows undertake, and indeed, the goals are noble. However, I urge you to narrow your focus and instead of seeking to include all, you must pick and choose, and force your ideals to the forefront, and upon those you would follow you. They either bend the knee to your ideals or they are not servants of the Light, Lathander, and the goodly world we wish to create.

    I know you must compromise in politics, and work beside those, while of goodly heart, are misled by false ideals and lesser gods whose goals are not in the best interest of mankind and the light- for only Lathander embodies the best aspects of mankind.

    This is what you must pursue- damn their ideals, damn their needs, and damn the shadow they stand in- you are an aspect of our god, a glorious beacon of hope, justice, and mankind. Judgment is delivered by your blade and any others who claim to do so are either false arbiters of gods who purport to stand for what Lathander does, or a secular servant who thinks Kings can offer truly just laws.

    I trust you will stand in the light, arrogance is not a sin if you are right.

    Dawnknight Myrkyr

  • Order of the Aster

    I will reforge the sword in the old temple of Light, buried deep within the sands of the Stonelands. I will not ask for the permission of mine allies, but instead, demand their support.

    If they fail to stand in the light, judgement will come all the same.

    There is truth that such a blade might not be entrusted to those outside the Order of Aster, and so I must be the weapon of Lathander, and entrust myself to those I pledge support, be they King, Queen, or Free People. Relying on another to take up the fight, someone foreign to the Light, untested by the darkness, can only lead to failure. I will be the sword. I will fight the darkness on the behalf of those who suffer.

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

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