Suggestions... Prestige Items for Hunters Guild.

  • @PUFFY

    As suggested by Puffy to do I am going to throw out some prestige items that might improve the hunters prestige store and make it more viable too to even be a part of this guild. I hope other players chime in and offer some suggestions too. Right now I am very disappointed in it because all that's there is bows and arrows, and if you're a hunter, you may be into slings, or traps, or darts and there should be a selection for those types of hunters. Keep in mind, I've literally never done this. So may I suggest...

    A sling... "The Huntress"

    Base Damage 1d4
    Crit Threat X2
    Base Damage Type: Bludgeoning
    Weapon Size: Small
    AB +1
    Special Properties:
    Damage Bonus vs. Animals (Cause youre a hunter, see what I did there ;D) +2 AB
    Use Poison (5) 2 charges

    Please add some Darts, can be what's already in the game but hard to find, For example....

    Bronze Darts
    Critical Threat X2
    Base Damage Piercing

    Damage Bonus Electrical
    2 Damage
    Massive Criticals
    1 d4 Damage
    Wt. Reduction 20% of wt.

    Crit Threat X2
    Damage Bonus 1d4
    Extra Ranged Damage Piercing

    Some bullets would be great, and some traps but I don't trap so I have no outright suggestions, maybe other players could add to this. I'm probably not very good at stats, so I apologize in advance, just based it off what I have in my inventory with a little tweaking.

  • Admin [DM]

    Looks great, keep them coming!

  • The hunters guild should have spike traps, hunters do use traps.

  • Maybe a hunting decoy or lure that has charges of one with the land and/or dominate animal. (not familiar with what is in store already)

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