Quest Item Drop Rate

  • With how things are now, the only things you ever find in chests are wands, maps, or scrolls. Rarely, rarely do I ever see anything outside of this- due to how the chest system is set up. When checking over the scripts, the odds vary between all the different items in the area loot container based on count. And they tend to have a ton of wands and every single map (because each map is different, however this increases the odd of finding one exponentially), or every single scroll type.

    It would be great if the rate was changed and the number of wands and the like removed from chests, however the tougher yet better way would be to create in every quest another area loot container named treasure_medium or whatever (forget the actual script variable name) and have the loot piles that that one spawns be solely for quest loot while the other for wands/maps/scrolls.

    That way we could see and use some of the cool loot around the mod instead of relying on just faction gear or crafting 😁

  • +1 i agree with this. No wizard staffs ig now

  • Please! wands are nice to help out with healing but last time the gnolls quest was done I'd say around 95% of the loot drops was wands.

    More variety would be good

  • i think that most wands end up being turned in for prestige tbh

  • Yes other option would be to have way more prestige items that can be bought and prestige drops.

  • Admin [DM]

    The way to solve this is just to remove a % of the wands 🙂 nothing hard to do

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