Increase Faction Storage

  • With the implementation of new loot changes and crafting, I think that it would be beneficial for players to receive easier access to more storage options, starting with factions. I can't think of any reasons this could hurt, given current trends.

    I am also made to understand that independent PCs will soon have access to storage, and I would like to see some parity in this regard as well. More storage for everyone is better in general, and gives players and DMs a lot more room to work with.

  • Admin [DM]

    Fine by me, it's a nice perk to have.

  • I second the thing about storage for PCs specially seen from a non-str based, non-caster (no bulls) characters.

    It's already one of the biggest perks in some factions, since they dont all have high tier loot.

    It can quickly become and unfair advantage, specially for crafting.

    Low strength characters are not to well supported at the moment, that being said, i think storage would help that a bit for "stuff thats carried around cause its too good to throw away, but also to heavy to carry around, obivous 'sell to other players' loot" Its very important that we start getting a better market economy for more of that loot.
    First because there is so much cool loot that people might never know of otherwise.
    Second because it will help loot find its way to the right classes even if people dont really have the space/weight for it.

    I think I will make another post on general low str non-casters once I feel I can condense it into some useful feedback.

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