Adding secondary skill commands to crafting section

  • Title says it all really,

    The secondary skill commands are largely to do with crafting, just so that people can find them easily I would suggest that a section is added there with the commands. I literally cannot find now the secondary skill system commands, nor can Draco and would be helpful if they were somewhere obvious.

    In the meantime if someone can link me where they are I would be extremely grateful.


  • Admin [DM]

  • No I mean more like this:

    The skills are as following:

    Alchemy - For when we eventually add alchemy. Represents knowledge of mixing and creating magical brews as well.
    Athletics - Offers bonuses to climb, jump, swim, and other such checks scattered throughout the mod.
    Diplomacy - Represents finer knowledge of etiquette and represents 'extra investment' into persuade/bluff/intimidate.
    Enchanting - Represents the knowledge to make magic 'permanent,' on items. Will be used in an enchanting system once we 're ready to introduce it. For now, it's merely roleplay.
    Herbalism - represents knowledge of various bits of lore regarding flora and mushrooms. Druids get this naturally.
    Larceny - Offers passive bonuses to open lock, disable trap, and set trap. Also used in creating counterfeit item and other such foul, larcenous deeds...
    Mining - Represents knowledge of removing various minerals and rocks from the earth. Might, in the future- offer a bonus chance for increased yield in mining activities. Dwarves receive a bonus to this skill.
    Tracking - Adds a bonus to tracking checks. Rangers/Druids receive bonuses to this naturally, and add their class levels to any check.

    Players receive 1 point per level to invest, invest wisely. This point is not retroactive on level loss.

    Skills are modified by relevant attribute modifiers. (Athletics = Strength, Diplomacy = charisma, for example).

    The DOT commands associated with this system are as following:

    .ss add - Allocate specified number of points to a skill. (.ss add alchemy 3)
    .ss list - List all skills and their associated modified ranks.
    .ss list base - List all skills and their associated base ranks.
    .ss roll - Get a d20 roll of the skill with modifiers (.ss roll alchemy)
    .ss roll private - Get a d20 roll of the skill with modifiers (.ss roll alchemy) and send DM message with the result


    edit: The Professor was here

  • @Echo


    Does mechanics mean tinkering and does survival mean tracking from the IG dropdown?

  • Admin [DM]

    Mechanics = Tinkering.

    Tracking doesnt exist in the script. Neither does Herbalism.
    Survival would probably apply to tracking. I havent looked to see if it actually does.

  • Admin [DM]

    You're also asking for commands, but the stuff I added into crafting are automatically applied.
    Athletics is automatically applied to your climb/swim/jump checks.
    When/if it's used, Survival will be applied automatically.
    There will not be any commands needed.

  • Thanks again for your reply

    You need the .cclist though to see your skills and another command to add to your skills though

  • @Apollo2019

    They already exist in ".ss list" and ".ss add (skill) (number)"

  • Black Clover Society

    What he's asking for is for the documentation of the CoA-SS system be either transcribed or linked within the crafting section of the forum in which the related bonuses are detailed. Not for any in game additions.

  • Admin [DM]

    Not all of the CoASS stuff applies to crafting. I've already detailed the ones that do.

  • @Sljppers


    Bingo on both counts.

    A link to the commands linked to the crating section would be amazing.

    With this system in order to increase a secondary skill I need the command to do it, on the crafting pages it is not there. If there was a link on said crafting page to the commands it would make life easier for people and this in turn will make the secondary skill system (which looks I have to be honest super) more easily accessible to the player base.

    Simplez wins quite honestly I think.


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