Historic district needs a redo.

  • I have been sitting on this one for a good while now.

    I think the Historic district does not look like its part of the city.
    It does not have a city tileset, it's mismatch of random alonestanding buildings and random small towers do not make me FEEL immersed in a city.

    It does not FEEL like a slum, it doesn't really feel like anything, a mismatch of botched together buildings on a dirt patch. I'm sorry but that is what comes to mind.

    Take more inspiration from, hell even the older slums and how they looked.



    Notice that in every picture of a slum the buildings are connected and the cobbled streets are filthy. THOSE are slums.

  • @Zolm The Old Quarter / Arabel South-East and South are a great example of a real dingy slum. I loved every bit of that, right down to the beggars who harrassed you.

  • Admin [DM]

    Personally I hate the tileset that was chosen but that's my personal preference and I didnt make the area. That said, a "rebuild" could be considered but IDK if it's top on the priority list (as I look at the list of bugs I'm trying to fix today).

  • I am very sorry to say this but, it is the central hub for all players in essence. If our first impression isn't good enough for players they will move on rather quickly... And we need players to keep the server being a server...

  • Admin [DM]

    It's not a slum, slum. It's an old historic area 🙂

  • The layout does not feel like a city. That is one thing REALLY bothering me. Where does trade go and come from? What is the purpose of having roads leading nowhere and stopping? What is the main walkways?

    It looks like a bunch of buildings slapped together with no cohesive thought for city layout design.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I am like 75% sure trade is done through the other districts .. like clover, and the historical district was essentially outside the city at one point, but now is within it, similar to how old settlements were built around castles and over time those become cities.

    The historic district isn’t a slum. Yet. It is well on its way historically, though.

  • I guess I am going to need to make a plot to burn the historic district down for you guys to actually rebuild it in any way?

    If it was once outside the city it would have its own trade roads and such wouldn't it?

  • Admin [DM]

    Zolm this is for suggestions, not criticism.
    Saying "It looks like a bunch of buildings slapped together with no cohesive thought for city layout design" is just being insulting. You made your suggestion in the first post. No need to get nasty about it. And you were told it is a low priority at the moment. Please consider your words before you post. I'm going to lock this thread now that your point, and our point, has been made.

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