Poison command doesn't work

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    .help commands lists poisoning commands. When used it says you must target a poison in your inventory with the pc mode switch. After doing that however it still does not work.

    Used Nightshade and Small Centipede Venom. Commands used were .poison and .poison left

  • Poisons themselves may be bugged though. Nightshade is a DC 12 to apply, and the check to apply a poison is 10+1d10+ Dex mod vs Poisons DC +2. I have 10+1d10+4 vs DC 12 for the nightshade but going through 15 nightshades none applied, when even rolling a 1 it should apply.


  • I'd hazard that's because the old working poison system from v5 hasn't been re-integrated and/or re-written yet.
    Have to consult with @Echo on that point.
    Poison creation/application is still a work in progress, presently.

  • Admin [DM]

    @StrawMan said in Poison command doesn't work:

    Poison creation/application is still a work in progress, presently.

    I'll have to dig through the v5 mod to find the appropriate scripts. Saturday at the earliest.

  • Admin [DM]

    x2_s2_poisonwp lines 35, 39, 40, 50
    dmfi_onplychat line 532

    @StrawMan relevant scripts/lines
    the .poison command is in there
    not sure why it's not firing

  • Admin [DM]

    Fix is in the works.

  • So was thinking more on this. If the script itself is being looked at, is it a possibility that it could be made as a player tool option like control companion and potion homogenizer instead of tied to the pc mode switch? I dunno if that'd be easier to make it functional or not, but for usability it would be a lot better. The mode switch takes a full round to activate... and using the poison takes a full round to activate, so a little counter productive.

    If used by the player tool it may also be possible to use poisons to poison food and potions as well if you want to get fancy.

  • Admin [DM]

    Considering that the Control Companion is buggy and the Homogenizer doesnt seem to work at all, do we really want to try poison with this system?

    Give Strawman some time to work out things on his end then we can discuss other options.

  • The homogenizer works fine.

  • Admin [DM]

    I've never had any luck with it with my PC.
    What do you do to make it work?

  • Put it in my hotbar and click on a potion that doesn't stack with others of its kind.

    However if you try to homogenize two stacks of 30 you'll lose ten.

  • It works for me as well after putting it on my hotbar, but it tends to eat potions if you try to combine too many.

  • Actually the control companion script is a good example. The part where you use the tool and target your companion could be re-purposed to target your poison, then you type the command to apply target.

  • Poison application is now working as intended.
    I'd avoid the .poison dot command at present and simply target your melee / thrown / ammunition directly with a poison ampoule, as that's likely to be the swiftest means of application.

    I'll look into the dot command and other suggestions.

  • The reason for the dot command is because using the item power itself breaks stealth, takes a full round, and the round it is applied counts as the effect round. Poisons themselves only have a 3 round duration, so every second counts, and since poisons are more likely to be used by assassins (who with Blackguard are the only class with Use Poison) the not breaking stealth is big!

    Player tool honestly would be best because of the duration thing, if possible. Using the tool to target the poison instead of using the player widget. The widget still takes a full round to target the poison. With poisons just making them is the first challenge. You also have a dexterity check DC to apply them, so you can just completely fail to use the poison altogether, so the time it takes to sort through 10 poisons until one of them works is pretty significant and the pc mode switch target script on player tool instead can make that faster. A pretty big QOL thing.

  • Thank you for getting them working in the first place though! ♥

  • No problem. 👍🏻

    Critical timing is completely understandable.

    I'll look into adding this, among other functions, to the Player Tool radial menu.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Tempest-Rose said in Poison command doesn't work:

    When used it says you must target a poison in your inventory with the pc mode switch. After doing that however it still does not work.

    PC Mode switch should work after v6716 loads

  • Admin [DM]

    Tested, still not working.
    [bangs head on desk]

    Nevermind, that did work!


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