[Crafting] Fishing changes

  • In specific reference to the Bloodroot poison recipe the Desert Catfish is required, which is only available in select areas through fishing. Fishing requires bait, which is sold in a finite supply (20) in immersea. Here is the result of 20, with all casts successful:

    3 desert catfish
    2 bluegill
    1 bigmouth bass
    3 rainbow trout
    5 carp
    5 pike

    15% chance of receiving a catfish averaging a cost of 7 gold per catfish. With a limited quantity though it means only one person can do this per reset and makes this recipe both extremely expensive and extremely slow, because you can't just gather the ingredients or make them. You have to buy them and if somebody else bought the bait first you are SOL until next reset.

    Suggested alterations:

    1. Make bait unlimited instead of 20 per reset.

    2. Make fishing possible without bait. Bait adds a bonus to the success DC, so it could just be assumed you have bait, but still sell bait as improved lures/bait to give you that positive modifier on your success roll.

    3. Increase the yield of regional specific fish. If Desert Catfish for example is only available in one area, let it be super common. If another type of fish is only available in another exclusive area, have that be common there.

    4. Have the fishmonger in immersea sell fish. He doesn't have any for sale. Just having the fish able to be bought for one or two gold as an option would also work in addition to bait being a luxury DC boost rather than a requirement, allowing you to buy it as convenience rather than spend time to gather. Similar to sand and other base requirements.

  • Admin [DM]

    @StrawMan is currently looking into over hauling fishing, so hopefully there will be some neat major changes soon!

  • Awesome! Well then this sample was some extra data to help it ^^

    A lot of recipes require things that can either be gathered by hand and made or bought for convenience (glass vials for 2 gold and such) but in its current state fish are the only thing you can't gather, because they're locked behind a gold cost and no way to collect it without paying for it via having to pay for bait. And when that ~7 gold cost per catfish because of having to buy 1g bait each time you throw your line adds up... consider that it could take hundreds of catfish just to get past that poison level, and I'm sure there will be other things that will require fish also.

    Looking forwards to seeing what it becomes!

  • Admin [DM]

    I can redo the lower level recipes to not require fish, but leave them in the higher level recipes on e they get added

  • There's not really all that much left to do with this system.
    It's always been pretty basic.

    But some of the suggestions are workable. I'll look into them.

    A few more fishmongers here and there and more bait certainly wouldn't hurt.

    You see, the bait is priced/sold individually because infinite items by all accounts don't retain their variables.

  • Admin [DM]

    We can add back in the "Bucket of Bait" that spawned, what, 50 bait on you?

  • Bucket O' Bait is a fine idea.

  • Admin [DM]

    Fishmonger in Immersea now has "Bucket o' Bait" for 45g for testing purposes

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