Sorcerer - Spell Renewal

  • This is a thread to discuss the new spell renewal feature found here:

  • 1. I think spell renewal should extend to cantrips.
    While cantrips are mostly infinite, this doesn't include Light, Prestidigitation, Disrupt Undead,, etc. Only the basic elemental cantrips and Daze are infinite and using any of the others while you only have 1 cantrip left removes all uses of cantrips until you rest or use an item with a cantrip on it.
    Cantrips should either be given a dot command to refresh themselves in case something causes the sorcerer to be left with 0 cantrips or they should renew with this new feature.

    2. Spell renewal should cover all known spell circles.
    Currently if a sorcerer is level 6, they have access to spell circle 3, but it won't renew. I think renewal should cover each circle they know with at least 1 spell/5 minutes.

  • Admin [DM]

    Cantrips could be looked at

    The idea is that sorcerers get a access to a new spell level on even levels. So the refresh bump is at odd levels to level out the power curve. So when a wizard is getting a new spell level the sorcerer is getting a refresh.

    • e.g Level 6 sorcerer gets access to a level 3 spell. Level 7 sorcerer gets a refresh of a level 3 spell

    It's possible that a level 9 sorcerer should gain access to a refresh of a level 4 spell but we'll review that and go from there.

  • cantrip loss is annoying as anything.
    alternative would be to give a cantrip item with charges/day to allow the interupted cantrip and therefore loss of all cantrips till rest to be avoided.

    only issue i can see for abuse is the use of larlochs minor drain to regain hps, but if the item has only a few (3?) charges a day then there is very little potential abuse.

  • Having looked at the progression again, doesn't even gain a 2nd 3rd circle renewal per 5 mins.
    9 should provide the 1st 4th circle renewal (A way to prevent perma-stoneskin/imp invis should be looked at, but the whole circle shouldn't be nerfed just because of two spells), then 10 should grant our 2nd 3rd circle renewal along with another 1st circle.

    This keeps it more in line with the progression from lvl 1-8.

  • And, maybe, bards can get a minor treatment in a similar direction? Let's say two spells of the first circle and one spells of the second circle at level 10. Will not do much since, but will help to keep up with the buff distribution a bit, giving a bit of utility in the long run. After all, principles of their spellcasting is similar to the sorcerers.

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