Add Minor Skill Bonus Gear to Quests

  • Items with +1 to +2 skill bonuses with every item slot that's reasonable into quest loot tables.

    Rings with +1/2 hide, or discipline, or bluff, persuade, spellcraft.
    Amulets, boots, helmets, belts, cloaks.

    Everyone can use them and they'll help dilute out the best items and consumables out with more generally applicable gear.

  • Virtually no stealth gear at all. Even kenku dont really have it as prestige awards afaik, not sure if this is part of an oversight in the game. It does seem to mean you cant go a non-kenku/hin sneaky guy though.

  • Admin [DM]

    Good suggestion, maybe we could work out a simple script for these rather than making them by hand for each quest.

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