Calantar's Orc's Quest Loot

  • Quest Area: ZQA: Calantar's Road: Caverns
    This quest has a bunch of throwing axes that are pretty cool and theoretically useful, but there are a couple problems with them.

    There's a set that are +2 Mighty, but thrown weapons already add the strength score to the damage. Mighty doesn't do anything for these particular weapons, making them effectively mundane.

    They still weigh as much as a full set of fullplate. Would suggest they have a fairly significant weight reduction to make them actually useful.

    I'm not seeing any healing drop on this quest, which probably would be a good addition as well.

    As it stands most of the loot is pretty situational, and the mobs high HP makes this quest a slog that can take ages if you don't sprint your way through it. Shaving just a bit of hp off some of the mobs would help make it a quest you don't feel obligated to sprint through.

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  • I agree with Hellz, there are loads of nice throwing axes, but the weight is very prohibitive.

    Grell was given some bone throwing axes recently that only weighed 20%, it made a massive difference and they're a nice alternative to having to only use bow or sling as a ranged weapon. Would suggest that metal ones weigh only a bit more, maybe 30-40%.

    With regard to the rest of the loot; it is very situational and/or restrictive. Some is awesome, like spears or the Sandstorm axe, but there's a lot of OUB:class/alignment/race that just gets dumped (I've tried UMDing, even with SF and cha buffed, it's still unusable), however this seems to be a theme across a lot of quests I've done recently. That goes for both armour and weapons.

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