Add potions/scrolls/etc to quest loot tables

  • As it stands, what currently drops in quest loot is loot, and nothing else.
    Quest drops will repeat after one or two runs, and everyone'll have the same homogenous gear array, so the addition of some things to bloat the loot tables and space out loot drops whilst also not being completely worthless, would be useful.

  • Admin [DM]

    Whilst potions are unlikely to be added to chests, scrolls defiantly should be dropping already since they have been added to quite a few quests. The treasure system is under review.

  • I would suggest healing be added, regardless of what the desired potion meta is, because without buffs you will burn through oodles of healing. Even if it's just a bunch of moderate healing instead of serious healing, to be used after the fight.

    Or healing wands, or plain items with healing spell properties.

  • Admin [DM]

    Having talked o Mortui on Discord, it appears healing supplies besides potions haven't been added to the higher level quests. Such as healing wands, kits and scrolls. Lower level quests seem ok!

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