Mass Loot Tool

  • Since we're adding player tools to the game, how about we add one that helps with mass looting? It seems to come up a lot now that massive waves of enemies don't just instantly crash the server, so I think it would be worth looking into.

    Target a loot container or the ground, and automatically loot all unlocked containers within x distance? Perhaps make it require you stand still for 5 seconds once you activate?

  • I can see this getting used by ninjalooters and trolls already. Benefits might outweigh the cons though.

  • I'd appreciate a funcion that typed out for the player what he picked up since start of quest, or start of.. whatever he was doing.
    Like.. use 1 on yourself: set start point.
    use 2 on yourself: prints what you picked up since you used "use 1"

    It should store data on the player token so it wouldn't get deleted after crashes.

    I usually want to distribute the loot i pick up but I sometimes miss something small in the inventory.

  • So can see this being more headaches than its worth.

  • Would enemies not dropping loot and having chests not be an easier way? This is only a really a problem in DM events.

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