Blank scrolls for sale please?

  • There are so many quality of life consumables that're out of the reach of most folks, don't work or cost too much to be worth it, can we please have blank scrolls available so wizards can trade spells and things?

  • Admin [DM]

    Aren't blank scrolls available in the tower for all to buy?

  • They're only available in the tower-exclusive shop along with faction loot and potions. The public shop doesn't have the scrolls but definitely should.

  • Admin [DM]

    They'll need to be added at a slightly higher price, surprised the tower member don't sell them tbh

  • We do! But we're not always on, and an alternative should exist.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Should be IG.

  • I thought scrolls were meant to be dirt cheap (1 gold) and the cost actually came from scribing scrolls. Not buying the paper.

  • I believe the idea was to represent the Tower's grip on all things magical in arabel. While there are mages outside it's ranks, what they gain from the other factions is counterbalanced by access to stuff like scrolls being more expensive. Meanwhile tower mages have less active npc backing, but more access to magical bits and bobs to do their own thing.

  • My idea to represent that. The gold cost that comes with scribing a scroll, is supposed to represent supplies needed to do it. "Special magic ink and whatnot"

    If the Tower is the authority on magic, they might get a discount on stuff like magic ink, or maybe their members get an "ink budget" given to them as part of their pay.

    Instead of making the cost of buying blank scrolls more or less expensive, or making it so only they can buy it. Maybe making it so the cost of actually scribing a scroll is less expensive for them would be an idea? Downside is we'd need to modify vanilla scribe scroll a bit.

  • Certainly something to consider, but this seems a good compromise until we can get something like that up and tested.

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