Gnoll Peaks quest

  • Area name: Moonsea Ride, Gnoll Pass
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    Quest Name: Gnoll Peaks
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    NPC Name: Gnoll Peaks
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    Server Version: 6445
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    This is the most fun quest discovered yet, but it is one I have to say not to do.

    First the basics, this quest rewards 900 gold to a party of 5 and no xp. It also has no loot.

    This is a high level quest, so the only xp source is if you are a level 7- a low level. Level 7s get about 2.5k xp from it due to the difficulty of being carried through the quest. The monster xp can be overlooked because 7 is the exception, not the norm or intent for this difficulty range. The average level for the quest is 8/9 so there is no xp gain other than completion xp, which is bugged and rewarding nothing.

    With a party of five, including the 900 gold end reward, the total gold reward was enough for about 1,000 gold per person, which is nowhere near enough for the content of the quest, since the only thing to get out of the quest is loot- which does not exist.

    The quest is amazing and I would love to do it again if it was possible. The quest contains 20 or so fire shamans, each which will do 100-200 unblockable and unavoidable damage. This is an immediate calculation you can factor into the party consumable consumption, with a cure serious being around 20 hp healing, so every shaman can assume 5 cure serious worth. They spawn in groups however, with high level assassins which also increase the damage output and consumable need. This is great! I love the design.

    Only critique is that leaving the quest after fighting all the way down to the boss is more difficult than the whole quest itself since the groups respawn, except with a fireshaman in every group. Because fireshamans do a flat damage that can't be played around these aren't a skill, preparation, or strategy check- just a max hp and healing potions check.

    If such severe backspawns are going to be in that really needs to be factored into the loot. Those are the hardest part of this quest, but to even make this doable and still not break even with costs to complete it'll take a whole dragons hoard. Just something to keep in mind with how it is balanced right now, especially considering this quest does not provide any xp.

  • The total gold reward was actually calculated for three people, the two mages declined a share to help us recoup the losses.

  • They are too good for us! ♥ We are not worthy of them.

  • Oh yes, backspawns. All the way back was riddled with gnolls. "We are done. Oh, no, we are not." Doing this quest was like participating in the event. It was fun! But DM don't like us and kept all the loot. 😉

  • Admin [DM]

    Clearly a bug, it should grant more gold and exp. Plus I even got cool themed loot for it 😞 Probably set up the waypoints wrong 😛

  • Admin [DM]

    iXP changed to iQuestXP on quest giver v6449

  • Quest does not drop loot.

  • This masochistic grind also only gives 180 gold per person. Enough for 1 serious healing potion, and it takes weeks of saving up supplies to even be able to attempt this. Also because of drop changes none of the gnolls have any drop bags when they die, so don't even drop meager 1-10 gold anymore.


    This was behind the locked door where it can't be reached

  • Whilst not a bug report, I'd suggest the gate at the end of the quest have its lockpick DC reduced to 30-35 or be made bashable.

    Or have a key drop on the boss.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Mortui said in Gnoll Peaks quest:

    Whilst not a bug report, I'd suggest the gate at the end of the quest have its lockpick DC reduced to 30-35 or be made bashable.

    Or have a key drop on the boss.

    The area isn't quite done yet, I plan to add slaves you can save from the gnolls. But to reach them you'll need to pick the lock or use a knock spell, to encourage a little thinking. Knock scrolls should be a part of the loot drops as well 🙂

  • Admin [DM]


    ZQA: Gnoll Peaks No loot waypoints (Intentional?)
    ZQA: Gnoll Peaks: Mines Loot waypoints seem to be set up properly
    ZQA: Gnoll Peaks: Slave Pits Loot waypoints seem to be set up properly

  • Spiffy said there were two problems. There was some kind of spawn script making it a high chance that no loot at all would spawn, period. Like 32% chance it would be an empty quest. Also that a quest reset device wasn't put into it so it wasn't spawning any loot boxes at all anyway because of that.

  • Admin [DM]

    Reset placeables in place - confirmed
    Loot placeables were missing treasure script - perhaps resolved

  • Admin [DM]


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