Tone Down GOLD rewards on quests

  • Gold rewards are excessive. Hitting level 6 with nearly 8k in gold at the pockets may be a little too much.

    Either tone it down, or make everything more expensive.

  • Idk how you managed to get this much gold. I'm lvl 6 and have probably accrued about 3k. All spent on scrolls.
    I also have no potions and barely any gear.

  • How??? I barely have 1.5k and spend on nothing.

  • as I said on Discord I think saying straight up "quests give too much" is unfair, since we haven't really got things to spend it on to see yet. Maybe it IS too much but its an unfair example since there is no player economy yet, there's no craftables for PCs to spend their own money on, for making wands/scrolls/potions and no one BUYING said wands/scrolls/potions, as well as magic shops/equipment shops beyond a mirror of the starter shop from the level 1 area.

  • How in the hell do you have that much gold. I'm getting close to 8 and my total gold earned from the entire career is about 5k and have you even seen the cost of healing potions? Much less basic buffs. Everything is extremely expensive. over 200 gold for a single barkskin.

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