Supremely Busy

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    Folks, just wanted to give an update.

    On NWN:EE, we have all the technical changes made now we think. Which means, I (or someone else) will soon compile and update to NWN:EE and see what breaks and what doesn't. We were widely slowed down because our module is 15 years old, we had legacy fixes to some of our legacy fixes still running that would break NWN:EE. Echo's Hubby was extremely helpful in fixing all of these things for us.

    However, its also final exams week for me. I'm swamped at work because of end of semester stuff, its the busiest time of year for me.

    So I know there are some bug fixes piled up, the EE update to do, and I will jump on these hopefully in a week. Just wanted you all to know, and if there are every any questions; ask away.

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    I cannot emphasise enough just how much we as a community owe to Echos Hubby.

    Without his work on this we wouldn't be on EE for, honestly, I have no idea how long.

    I'm currently away from my home country so also can't get to my NWN related PC.

    This means I also can't do the compiling/tests.

    But, once back, (in a few days time) I will have a chunk of free time, which I intend to use to sort out anything that isn't sorted on the broken scripts/general module workingness side of things.