New Position: Chancellor of Arabel

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    So, basically I have convinced these guys to give in to my madness and allow a player to run the north with full autonomy. Things the Chancellor will be expected to do:

    Create a government from scratch out of the player base. Things like naming a militia Warden to judges for crimes, to any other positions the winner of the election deems necessary.

    Change laws as they see fit. This is a double edged sword however, as the npcs of the city will slowly begin to react to what you do. Anything from calling you a great leader to open rebellion is a possibility, and if you screw things up too much the king and Hawklin will certainly react accordingly.

    How the election will work:

    Unfortunately Gumba got real life busy and won't be able to script the doodad I had in mind to keep track of this, so for at least the first election it will be done via forums. The laws right now around who is able to vote and who isn't aren't defined, but can change with the first chancellor.

    Every two months real life a new election will be held for the position. As it stands now, there is no term limit for the position but again that can be changed by the chancellor. Elections have consequences.

    Players can only vote with one character, and it should be an active one. I will be paying close attention to this, so please don't try and inflate votes.

    Last words about it:

    This is a giant experiment. I have no idea how its going to work out, but I think it has a lot of potential to be really cool. Politics between players will now mean something, and no longer do you have to get a dm to allow you to say take out the city ruler. Its all in your hands, so don't screw it up!

  • Oh, some other things. Declare yourself a candidate by Sunday, election is held the following sunday.

  • The sign up process has now officially closed. The voting process has now opened. In order to vote, please PM your vote to CaptainFantastic.

    Some OOC notes...

    • You can only vote on one PC.
    • IC cheating is allowed, OOC cheating is not.
    • If you're not a candidate, it's unfortunately too late. There will be other elections, though!
    • Voting will close next Monday at 1:00 PM GMT.
    • There will be a political debate held some point this week, so if you would like to reserve your vote until the event, you may. Time TBD.

  • This post is deleted!

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