Adventurers and Citizens of Arabel!

  • The king has called me back to Suzail to see to a few issues that he needs help with for a time. While I would normally name my own second in command under such circumstances, the king in his desire to give more power to the people has deemed our city fit for a little experiment, and instead there will be an election by the people for the position of Chancellor to run the city in my stead. All those who wish to run for this position should first realize that it comes with a ton of responsibility before bothering, and then make their intentions to run known to me within 4 days of this poster first being put up.

    Those with a history of criminality need not bother.

    Lord Hawklin, Warden of the North.

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  • Citizens of Arabel and Adventurers alike,

    After a flurry of politics, five candidates have put their names forward for the voting process of Chancellor of the North. You will have a week to submit your votes to my offices, at which point we will announce the new Chancellor.

    The official candidates are as follows:

    Elodie Ledoux
    Elestra Thundersword
    Lord Foril Bhaliir
    Myron O'Connor
    Barabus Fen

    Good luck to you all and may the best person win!

    • Lord Warden Hawklin

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