v6 What's Going On?!

  • I have heard some rumors spreading through the player base about v6. Figured I'd address the most common ones today and remind people, you can ask me anything about v6 you want. I'll answer what I can as much as I can.

    Rumor One: v6 will ignore what happened in v5, v5 will not affect anything in v6. This is entirely untrue! v6 has its own story, NPCs etc, but if players do things that affect v6, we will adjust the plan accordingly! The whole idea of v6 is giving players much, much more ability to affect the server's stories and settings.

    Rumor Two: The DM team is so busy with v6 we're ignoring v5. Not at all! The DM team that was active on v5 four months ago is still the same team active on v5 now (I know some DMs have left the team, but they weren't really all that active). A couple of us are pretty busy right now (Spiffy) or burned-out a bit (Puffy) but let them recharge and they'll be back! The two most active DMs on v6 are Polaris and myself, who were not even DMing actively in the last few years. We're doing most the building/scripting with ANY help we can get from the Builder's Guild and could always use some more.

    I will add, some problems in v5 we're just not going to be able to fix. Potion and gold bloat particularly right now are so prevalent than really, only a wipe is going to fix this. We're making concerted efforts to design v6 from the start to ameliorate the possibility of this problem happening again. However, other bugs, issues, problems we will fix--especially exploits--and we'll be running plots and stories right up to the end.

    If you hear some rumor, particularly the depressing scary ones, just ask me to clear the air! I'll do it here, Discord, 1 on 1 chats; its all good. There is a schedule for getting the v6 work done, we're a teeny bit behind this week, but have been good the last 5 weeks of the schedule and can hopefully catch up. So it looks very positive.

  • Just to add on to this, a lot of what we will be doing for v5 over the next month or so are test runs for version 6 based on the feedback you guys have given so if things like player run villages and pcs in positions of serious power in our major hubs are things you want to see going forward then this is the time to help make them work. Just be patient while we hammer out the kinks.

    Also, just to build upon what Mol said, there is no real plan on how we will transition story wise yet. That may sound awful at first glance, but really we are leaving this blank so your actions effect how we slide into the next version.

    As a side note, if you have an idea that you think would be great to have in v6, come talk to me and I will see if I can give that a test run in the here and now as well.

    Trust me when I say this guys, v6 is going to be great for our old players and new players alike, mostly because we will be opening up doorways for all sorts of play styles to be more welcoming to newer players and because there is going to be so much new content in the way of questage and exploration areas that the server will feel new again.

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