Stacking Traps

  • Hey,

    Just wondering if stacking traps slightly over each other is considered an exploit.

  • Yes it is considered an exploit. Im pretty sure there is a write up about it

  • There are strict rules about traps, and stacking them is an exploit.

    When you have no way of knowing how big the box is going to be however some overlapping can take place and the best you can do is set your trap well away from the one previously set.

  • Within reason. Slightly overlapping two traps because you don't have time to properly align them is not a big deal. Going out of your way to spam several together or deliberately laying them on top of each other is.

    When setting traps its easy to see where to put them to overlap to that extent. Unless it is actually covering like half the trap or there are several placed to overlap, it may just be an oversight.

    But yeah, don't overlap traps.

  • Yes its an exploit. Dont do it.

  • I just want to be clear here because I feel like there are slightly different answers.

    A PC can clearly see when traps are overlapped once they are set. When you set them, the green outline shows if they are overlapping or not (even just by a little bit). Do DMs expect players to reset the overlapped traps if they are out of combat? (Of course, I understand if you're in combat and want the traps as close as possible that's an entirely different scenario)

    Currently, I'm under the impression that there is some leeway for players who use traps if they slightly overlap a couple.

  • Traps overlapping slightly on their corners is one thing. Obviously we arent going to say: You cant overlap more than 20% of the other trap because its not measurable. That is why it's a blanket statement of not to overlap traps. There is nothing lamer than a player getting one shotted by 300damage caused from a trap because someone overlapped it. Mind that this goes also to DMs, and we make sure to not overlap traps as well because of that exact reason.

    If you see someone do it, report to a DM.

  • Thanks, all! The explanations helped.

  • @Strife-and-Discord Though in Harry Potter quest, there's pretty much a few stacked traps in front of one chest :p

  • Admin [DM]

    @sharkinajar said in Stacking Traps:

    @Strife-and-Discord Though in Harry Potter quest, there's pretty much a few stacked traps in front of one chest :p

    Please bug report this

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